who is eden mccoy dating

Does Eden McCoy play volleyball?

Along with being a successful actress, McCoy is also a phenomenal volleyball player. When she’s not working — or in school — she plays competitive beach volleyball and even verbally committed to play for the USC Women’s Beach Volleyball team for the class of 2025!


How old is Trina on GH in real life?

↑ Trina was stated to be 18 years old on November 2, 2020.


Is Eden McCoy leaving General Hospital?

“I am so happy to say that I will be going to L.A.,” he shared. “I’m going to go to the University of Southern California next year for my college studies. And it is just an absolute dream come true.


Who plays Jocelyn?

Eden McCoy is best known for her portrayal of “Josslyn Jacks” on ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL. Her credits also include: THE THUNDERMANS, GAME SHAKERS, WALK THE PRANK. Eden has also performed in two Los Angeles Opera productions. She lives in Los Angeles and attends The Marlborough School.


Are Josslyn and Cameron dating?

On July 2, 2021, Josslyn confronts Cameron after finding out he read her journal. He says the late Dev read an entry that said he was a bad kisser. Josslyn kisses Cameron to prove him wrong. Within a week, they are officially dating.


Who is the new teenager on GH?

General Hospital has recast the character of Spencer Cassadine, with soap opera newcomer Nicholas Alexander Chavez stepping into the role previously played by Nicolas Bechtel. Port Charles residents are in for another face swap — and this one might be a little sad for General Hospital fans.


Who was Jocelyn’s boyfriend on General Hospital?

Through her mother’s marriage, she gained mob boss, Sonny Corinthos as a stepfather but she still calls him uncle Sonny. Through Sonny, she also gained Molly Lansing-Davis and Spencer Cassadine as cousins. On May 1, 2019, Josslyn’s boyfriend, Oscar died in his sleep.


Is Trina on GH pregnant?

The actress portraying her, Sofia Mattsson, took a cue and announced that she is indeed pregnant in real life.


Who’s the actress that plays Trina on General Hospital?

“General Hospital” star Sydney Mikayla (Trina Robinson) is off contract with the daytime soap opera and now appears in a recurring capacity, Soap Opera Network has confirmed. She joins co-star William Lipton (Cameron Webber) who has been recurring for some time.


What cast member is leaving General Hospital?

After 25 years in his leading role of Jasper “Jax” Jacks on ABC’s “General Hospital,” Ingo Rademacher is leaving the medical drama. Rademacher, 50, is exiting the show because he refused to comply with the production’s vaccine mandate, USA TODAY confirms.


Who is leaving gh in 2021?

Ingo Rademacher: ‘General Hospital’ star leaves show after refusing to comply with vaccine mandate. Ingo Rademacher, a longtime staple on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital,” has left the show after refusing to comply with the production’s vaccine mandate, Variety and Us Weekly report.


Is Drew coming back to GH 2020?

Well, the cat is now officially out of the bag: Drew is indeed coming back to the canvas courtesy of Mathison, who has finally been allowed to reveal that he has taken over the role of Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) long-lost lover.


What is wrong with Maxie’s face on General Hospital 2021?

General Hospital viewers won’t be seeing Maxie Jones on-screen for a while as the actress playing her, Kirsten Storms, recovers from brain surgery. … Maxie’s absence was necessitated because Storms, 37, underwent surgery in early June to remove a benign cyst from the lower part of her brain.


What happened to the actor who played Oscar on General Hospital?

On April 29, 2019 (shown on May 1, 2019), Oscar died in his sleep.








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