who does jojo end up with

Who does Jojo end up with in Love Alarm season 2? If you were rooting for Jojo to end up with Sun-Oh in Love Alarm season 2, we have bad news. While Sun-Oh is certainly a handsome guy with positive attributes, Jojo realizes that Hye-Yeong is ultimately the one for her.

Do Sun-Oh and Jojo end up together?

Contrary to popular belief, Jojo doesn’t end up with Sun-oh. The two seemed to still have lingering feelings for each other even after years apart as shown in the app. But that wasn’t enough for Jojo to leave Hye-young behind.


Does love alarm have a happy ending?

At the end of the course, she’s met by a happy Hye-Young. The two guys also get closure for their friendship. They come to the bittersweet conclusion that though they can never be as good friends as they were once before, there isn’t any ill will between them. Now, they can move forward with their lives.


Who did Kim Jojo end up with in Season 1?

Do Jojo and Hye-Yeong end up together in Love Alarm? For those rooting for Jojo and Hye-Yeong to make it, you’re in luck. They do in fact end up together in Love Alarm season 1! The two end up having a really healthy relationship, and it’s evident they grow as people together.


Who does Jojo end up with in Love alarm Season 3?

What Is The Plot Of ‘Love Alarm’ Season 3? ‘Love Alarm’ season 2 ended beautifully. Jojo and Hye Young finally became a couple after each of their Love Alarms rung for each other.


Who ends up with who Love Alarm?

If you were rooting for Jojo to end up with Sun-Oh in Love Alarm season 2, we have bad news. While Sun-Oh is certainly a handsome guy with positive attributes, Jojo realizes that Hye-Yeong is ultimately the one for her.


Why did Jojo and Sun-Oh break up?

To do so, she finds a way to block him on the app by putting a shield on it that refrains her feelings from being read on others’ alarms. This helps her give a reason that she no longer likes him resulting in a breakup. Sun-oh is left heartbroken and is determined to hate her.


Is Love Alarm a real app?

People were quick to find out that there is also an official “Love Alarm” app available. It was actually created from the story by Cheon KyeYoung, the author of “Love Alarm”. Though it does not work like shown in the drama it was created for fans to enjoy events in relation to the webtoon as well as the drama.


Does Jojo get rid of the shield?

Meanwhile, Brian Chon learns that Kim Jojo managed to remove the shield from Love Alarm. Season 2 gives plenty to the audience, ensuring that the wait for a continuation was not wasted.


Does Sun-Oh find out about the shield?

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Love Alarm season 2, episode 4 contains spoilers. The shield has made Sun-oh go crazy, resulting in that kiss in episode 3. This chapter begins with Sun-oh feeling that he’s proven that Jojo still likes him because the eyes do not lie. He knows the shield was because of him.


Is Duk-Gu the creator of Love Alarm?

Cheong Duk-gu is a supporting in the Netflix Original series Love Alarm. He is developer of the Love Alarm application.


Will There Be Love Alarm season 3?

According to Nilsen Report, creators of the series have acknowledged fans’ demands and have given thumbs up for the third season. But it should be noted that Love Alarm has completed the story and there’s nothing left to explore in Season 3. There is still no official announcement for Love Alarm Season 3.


What happened to Duk-Gu?

Before the reveal that Duk-gu is indeed alive and Brian’s little brother, all the shots of Brian looking at Duk-gu’s prone body were framed in a dark manner, with Brian acting agitated whenever someone mentioned Duk-gu’s name, to the point of violence.


What happened in episode 5 of Love Alarm?

In the midst of grief, Episode 5 of Love alarm sees Sun-Oh come to the rescue and saves Kim Jojo from her despair. After sharing dinner, they talk afterward, leading to the two embracing and growing closer.


How many seasons is Love Alarm?

Love Alarm / Number of seasons

If Netflix comes back with Love Alarm Season 3, they won’t keep fans waiting for long after the Season 2 release date. There was a two-year-gap between the last two seasons because of the COVID -19 pandemic. That was a tough time for the entertainment industry worldwide, but now everything is coming back to normal.


Is the Love Alarm webtoon finished?

The webtoon hasn’t ended and the last update reportedly made by the writer months ago did see Jojo make a choice. Now, there are some fans who want Jojo to choose Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) who she broke up with when they were in high school.







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