which bands lead singer got arrested for child molestation

What did the lead singer of Lostprophets do?

Nearly six years ago, Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for absolutely vile sexual offenses. Now, he’ll be serving even more time after being found guilty of hiding a phone in his anus.


What happened to the band Lostprophets?

Lostprophets cancelled all tour dates and disbanded in October 2013, before the end of Watkins’ trial. … In December 2013, he was sentenced to 29 years of imprisonment plus six years of parole. In June 2014, the remaining members joined American singer Geoff Rickly to form a new band, No Devotion.


Why did lostprophets break up?

Lostprophets have announced via Facebook and Twitter that they are breaking up, nine months after their lead singer Ian Watkins was charged with 24 sexual offences including two counts of raping a baby.


Is it OK to still listen to lostprophets?

Sure, ‘Start Something’ is a great album but over the past few releases the band stopped progressing and became stagnant. Do I still listen to ‘Start Something’ now and again? Absolutely. It’s a great album filled with some fantastic nu-metal tinged rock songs.


What crimes did Ian Watkins commit?

Ian Watkins is serving a 29-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to 13 sex offences, including two of attempting to rape a baby. He got one 16-year-old girl to dress in a schoolgirl’s outfit and then videoed her in sexual acts with him. He then forced her into a depraved act with his urine.


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Ian Watkins. View gallery. “Megalolz” is a more exaggerated version of “lol”, meaning “laugh out loud”.


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Why is Ian Watkins called H?

Who is Ian ‘H’ Watkins? … He has explained that the nickname “H” stands for “hyperactive”, referring to his energetic character. The singer shot to fame after joining the band Steps in 1997.


What is Ian Watkins in jail for?

The ex-frontman of Welsh band Lostprophets “produced a small white telephone” after a strip search in HMP Wakefield in March last year. He is serving a 29-year prison term at the jail for 13 sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby.


What was Ian Watkins sentence?

Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison in 2013 after admitting 13 sex offences which a judge said “plumbed new depths of depravity”, including the attempted rape of a baby.


Why was Ian Watkins jailed?

The singer was jailed in 2013 for admitting 13 sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby, which a judge said “plumbed new depths of depravity”. He was sentenced alongside the mothers of children he abused, who also pleaded guilty to child abuse charges.


Is Ian Watkins innocent?

The former bandmates of singer Ian Watkins have spoken of their shock at discovering their friend was a paedophile. … According to the musicians, Watkins continued to maintain he was innocent right until the end, and that many around him believed him.


Why are lostprophets on Spotify?

Her 2012 single I Knew You Were Trouble was labelled as being performed by Welsh rock band Lostprophets. Spotify says the track’s now been removed after being available for three days and they are investigating. Taylor Swift refuses to make her music available on the service because of concerns over royalty payments.


Do Lostprophets still get royalties?

Watkins, 37, is still entitled to receive royalties and publishing fees for recordings, but cannot benefit from any earnings in prison.


Will no devotion play Lostprophets songs?

Ahead of the first performances, the band confirmed that they would not continue playing music from the Lostprophets discography, referring to the songs as “tainted”. The band’s first live performances received positive reviews from critics and fans.


What was Ian Watkins password?

Unbelievably, it was eventually discovered the password on the computer was “If***kids.” The drug-crazed former lead singer with the multi-million selling band has been branded a “determined and committed paedophile.”


Is H from Steps still married?

Is Ian ‘H’ Watkins married? … Ian was married to longtime boyfriend Craig Ryder and was in a relationship with his then-husband for a decade. The couple split in late 2017, just one year after they welcomed their twin sons.


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