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What is meant by erotic plasticity?

According to the definition of erotic plasticity, female sexuality is more flexible than male sexuality and more influenced by social, cultural, and situational factors.


Do men have more erotic plasticity?

The female erotic plasticity hypothesis states that women have higher erotic plasticity than men, and therefore their sex drives are more socially flexible and responsive than those of men (factors such as religion, culture and education have a greater effect on women’s sexual behaviors).


What is the gender identity theory?

Gender identity is the personal sense of one’s own gender. Gender identity can correlate with a person’s assigned sex or can differ from it. In most individuals, the various biological determinants of sex are congruent, and consistent with the individual’s gender identity.


Which of the following defines gender identity?

Gender identity is each person’s internal and individual experience of gender. It is a person’s sense of being a woman, a man, both, neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from their birth-assigned sex.


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