where does orgon hide while tartuffe attempts to seduce elmire?

Elmire offers to prove Tartuffe’s attempts at seduction, and hides Orgon under a table so he can see it with his own eyes.

Where does Orgon hide himself to overhear the interaction of Elmire and Tartuffe?

Elmire tells Orgon to hide underneath a table while she talks to Tartuffe so that he will hear for himself what kind of man Tartuffe really is. After Orgon hears Tartuffe trying to seduce Elmire, he is convinced that he has been betrayed.


Where does Orgon hide in Tartuffe?

As Tartuffe is returning, Orgon hides behind Elmire and then immediately accosts Tartuffe and orders him from the house.


What does Orgon want from Tartuffe?

When his daughter arrives, Orgon tells her that he wants to ally Tartuffe with his house; this he can best do by Mariane’s marrying Tartuffe. Mariane is so shocked that she cannot believe her ears.


What does Tartuffe confess to Elmire?

Tartuffe admits that everything Damis has told him is, in fact, correct. He tells Orgon to believe his son and confesses that he is a hypocrite and a sinner. His performance brings Orgon to tears. He tells Orgon that the best thing for him to do would be to leave, but Orgon won’t let him.


Who is Tartuffe in love with?

Character Description
Mariane: Mlle de Brie Daughter of Orgon, the fiancée of Valère and sister of Damis
Damis: André Hubert Son of Orgon and brother of Mariane
Laurent Servant of Tartuffe (non-speaking character)
Argas Friend of Orgon who was anti-Louis XIV during the Fronde (mentioned but not seen).
10 more rows


Who does Tartuffe attempt to seduce?

Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire, but she fends him off and agrees not to tell Orgon about his attempted seduction if Tartuffe promises to let Mariane marry Valere. Damis overhears everything and threatens to reveal Tartuffe’s hypocrisy.


What is the funniest scene in Tartuffe?

One of the funniest scenes is when Tartuffe attempts to steal the affections of Elmire, who is Orgon’s wife. Elmire is forced to pick up her chair and move it across the stage with a thump to escape Tartuffe’s roving hands.12-Oct-2017


Why is Tartuffe a hypocrite?

The title character of this work, Tartuffe, is the ultimate hypocrite: his sinful actions completely contradict the Catholic values that he preaches. Although Tartuffe claims to be pious, charitable, and holy, he is in fact lustful, greedy, and treacherous.


Why is Orgon so fooled by Tartuffe?

Tartuffe is psychologically messing with Orgon’s mind. He confuses Orgon because Tartuffe should not be defending Damis and because he is, that makes Orgon think that Tartuffe is telling the truth and not Damis.14-Nov-2015


Is Orgon in love with Tartuffe?

Orgon becomes infatuated with Tartuffe and invites him to move into his home. However, the other characters within the comedy see through to the real Tartuffe, who is a man using acts of deception and trickery to develop a relationship with Orgon, who gives him everything and remains a disciple to him.12-Sep-2016


Is Orgon a hypocrite?

ORGON, husband of Elmire, son of Madame Pernelle, and father of Mariane and Damis, is the central character of the play and comes entirely under the influence of the hypocrite Tartuffe. Yet, whereas Tartuffe is the obvious hypocrite and scoundrel, Orgon is a much more complex character.


What does Orgon think is so great about Tartuffe?

As they leave to draw up the proper documents, Orgon reasserts his belief that Tartuffe is worth more than his wife, his children, or his relatives.


How does Tartuffe end?

In short, the King is a world-class wise man. He puts everything in its right place. Not only does he nail Tartuffe for the stuff he’s done to Orgon, but he also exposes Tartuffe’s criminal past.


How does Orgon find out the truth about Tartuffe?

When Orgon appears, marriage contract in hand, Mariane, Dorine, and Elmire plead with him. Though he has pangs of conscience, he stands firm. Elmire takes matters into her own hands, and promises to show him the truth about Tartuffe. She makes him hide under a table and tells Dorine to call in Tartuffe.


What does Orgon’s strongbox contain?

Orgon explains that the strongbox contains some papers which were left in his keeping by a friend. If the papers were made public, both Orgon and his friend would be in serious trouble.


What is the moral of Tartuffe?

The main theme of Tartuffe is hypocrisy—pretending to be something one is not or claiming to believe something one does not. Some characters in the play are knowingly hypocrites—Tartuffe, the invisible Laurent, and Monsieur Loyal. Other characters—such as Orgon and his mother—do not recognize their own hypocrisy.


What was Moliere’s real name?

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
Molière/Full name
Search for: What was Moliere’s real name


What act does Tartuffe first appear?

Tartuffe: Summary & Analysis Act I Scene 1 | Tartuffe Play Summary & Study Guide | CliffsNotes.


Who does Mariane desire to marry?

Dorine asks Cléante to help her get Orgon to reverse his decision to marry Mariane to Tartuffe. Mariane throws herself at her father’s feet, begging him to reconsider the marriage – she is even willing to enter a convent rather than marry Tartuffe.


Why is Damis so furious when he hears the way Tartuffe is speaking to Elmire?

They are opinionated and want to give advice. Why is Damis so furious when he hears the way Tartuffe is speaking to Elmire


What does Orgon do to Damis near the end of Act 3

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