what was the “subtlety of tom’s predicament” on the day mayella tried to seduce him

What is the “subtlety of Tom’s predicament” as Scout sees it? When she attacked him, if Tom fought Mayella off, he would have been arrested for attacking a white woman. If he fled, it would look like he was guilty. There was no good option for him because he is black.

What is Tom’s predicament in To Kill a Mockingbird?

“Until my father explained it to me later, I did not understand the subtlety of Tom’s predicament: he would not have dared strike a white woman under any circumstances and expect to live long, so he took the first opportunity to run—a sure sign of guilt.”


What happened when mayella tried to kiss Tom?

Mayella Ewell tries to kiss Tom Robinson because she’s sexually attracted to him. If he engages in sexual relations with Mayella, he’s liable to wind up being summarily lynched from the nearest tree. On the other hand, even if he resists her advances—and he does—then he’s still vulnerable to a false accusation of rape.


What is the predicament scout mentioned in the beginning of the passage?

Scout determined that Tom was not lying about setting foot on the Ewell property without an invitation. She also decided that no “respectable Negro” would walk onto a white man’s property without permission. She also realized that Tom’s good manners were part of his predicament.


What did Tom claim mayella asked him to do?

In Tom’s testimony in Chapter 19, he tells Atticus that he often has to go by the Ewell home on his way to work each day. He explains that he works steadily for Mr. Link Deas all year round. Accordingly, Tom asserts that Mayella asked him to ‘bust up a chiffarobe’ for her the previous spring.


How does Tom Robinson lose his innocence?

Boo Radley was one of the characters who loss his innocence. Mayella Ewell lied about Tom Robinson’s innocence. He got killed for trying to escape imprisonment. He was accused of rape, which he did not do.


Why is dill crying in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Dill starts to cry in the courtroom in To Kill a Mockingbird because he is disgusted and upset with the way Mr.
Gilmer blatantly disrespects Tom Robinson during his cross-examination.


Who did mayella kiss?

So yes, Mayella did actually kiss Tom (if you believe him over her, that is), AND attempted to get him to kiss her back, just as Atticus hinted.


Does Bob Ewell kiss mayella?

Ewell has been dead a long time.
The only explanation is that Bob is raping Mayella.
When he sees her kiss Tom Robinson through the window, he got furious with Mayella.
Within his rage, it is highly likely that Bob Ewell beat Mayella, and then raped her yet again.


What does Tom say when Mr Gilmer asks him if mayella is lying?

When asked why he did odd jobs for Mayella for no money, Tom states that he saw that she was struggling. He is very careful not to say that Mayella was lying. However, when he says he felt sorry for her, Mr Gilmer picks up on this, stating, ‘ You felt sorry for her, you felt sorry for her


Where does Scout threaten to drown herself?

Barker’s Eddy
Where does Calpurnia make Scout eat the rest of her dinner after she’s insulted Walter in Chapter 3


Who does Scout recognize what does he do?

Mr. Cunningham
As the mob gathers at the jail, Scout is surprised to discover that she knows some of these men. She recognizes Mr. Cunningham, the father of little Walter Cunningham, who she had over to her house for lunch one day. So, being innocent, and recognizing a face in a crowd, she starts talking to him.


How old is Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jem ages from 10 to 13 over the course of To Kill a Mockingbird, a period of great change in any child’s life.
Jem is no exception to this rule.
Interestingly, the changes he undergoes are seen from the point-of-view of a younger sister, which gives a unique perspective on his growth.


Who actually beat Mayella Ewell?

Mayella Ewell lies on the witness stand because she is afraid of her father, Bob Ewell, and because she is humiliated by her own attraction to Tom Robinson. She tells the jury that Tom beat and raped her when, in fact, it was her father who beat her when he saw her hugging and kissing an African American.


Why did Tom run away when mayella kissed him?

Tom runs because he is afraid of being seen with a white woman. Tom Robinson never did anything to Mayella Ewell. He felt sorry for her because she was alone and had a lot of younger siblings to take care of, so he tried to help her.


What evidence indicates that Ewell himself beat up mayella?

There is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Mayella Ewell was beaten savagely by someone who led almost exclusively with his left. And Tom Robinson now sits before you, having taken the oath with the only good hand he possesses, his right. I have nothing but pity in my heart for the chief witness for the state.


How Scout lose her innocence?

Scout loses her innocence in To Kill a Mockingbird when she watches the jury deliver a guilty verdict in the Tom Robinson trial, despite the overwhelming evidence that Robinson is innocent.


How does Scout show her innocence?

Innocence 1: Scout tries to explain to her teacher that she is embarrassing Walter Cunningham by offering him something that he won’t be able to pay back. Scout realizes that because her teacher isn’t a local, she won’t know that about the Cunninghams, but Scout’s explanation gets her into trouble.


Why is Boo Radley feared?

First, Boo Radley is a figure of fear and mystery for the children, representing an unknown entity that may be violent, insane, feral or otherwise wild, and vindictive. Second, Boo Radley is a frightened man when he finally appears in person, afraid to walk home by himself on a dark night.


What is Tom actually guilty of Chapter 19?

Tom Robinson is falsely accused of assaulting and raping Mayella Ewell and is on trial for his life. In Alabama, Tom risks capital punishment for assaulting and raping a white woman.


Why does Dill start to cry and get sick?

Dill starts to cry in the courtroom in To Kill a Mockingbird because he is disgusted and upset with the way Mr.
Gilmer blatantly disrespects Tom Robinson during his cross-examination.
Outside of the courtroom, Dill tells Scout that the way Mr.
Gilmer was “talking so hateful” to Tom made him sick.


Why did dill cry at the end of Chapter 19

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