what is abuse and molestation coverage

Coverage includes the actual, alleged, or threatened abuse, molestation or exploitation by anyone of any person while in the care, custody or control of any insured. The term “bodily injury” includes mental anguish or emotional distress. 2.

What is abuse coverage?

Simply put, Abuse Liability coverage is protection for companies and organizations regarding claims of abuse of people either under their care or responsibility. … Abuse claims, whether true or false, can cause bad publicity for a company or organization.


What is abuse and molestation exclusion?


of a person who committed an act of “sexual misconduct” or “sexual molestation”. This exclusion also applies to the insured’s negligent act, or failure to act, upon receipt of a complaint arising out of an act of “sexual misconduct” or “sexual molestation”.


Does general liability cover abuse and molestation?

Our Abuse or Molestation limits are separate from the Professional and Commercial General Liability coverage parts. An Abuse or Molestation claim will not reduce the coverage available for Professional and Commercial General Liability losses.



















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