What happened KKW Fragrance?

In an Instagram post, captioned A message from our founder, the brand laid out its plans for the future. From 1 May, KKW Fragrance will cease operations and is expected to return with a new name and website. Fragrance as many of you know is deeply personal for me, the post read.

Is KKW Beauty being discontinued?

Never one to miss an entrepreneurial opportunity, Kardashian is giving her old KKW beauty line a total overhaul – think new products, new packaging, and, more significantly, an entirely new name. In fact, KKW beauty doesnt actually exist anymore. Enter SKKN.


Why is KKW Fragrance ending?

Kim shuttered KKW Beauty on August 1, 2021, in order to rebrand the company. She wrote in an Instagram Story that she chose to make the move, So that we can come back to you under a completely new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative and packaged in an elevated and sustainable new look.


Is KKW Fragrance rebranding?

Kardashian, 41, launched her KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance brands in 2017 plus announced an upcoming skincare line that has yet to be launched but shut them down in 2021 and recently announced her fragrance and makeup lines would be rebranding.


Is KKW body 1 discontinued?

so sad its no longer being made! are there any dupes for KKW body 1? so sad its no longer being made!


Why did Ulta stop selling KKW Beauty?

KKW Beauty is on hiatus in 2021

Were currently away working on a new, more modern, elevated, and sustainable brand and customer experience the way Kim has always envisioned, the statement said, adding, We promise we wont be gone for too long.


What is the most popular KKW Fragrance?

1. KKW Body II Eau de Parfum. One of the most well-known scent lines in the KKW Fragrance collection is the Body line.


What is Kim Kardashians best selling perfume?

The best smelling Kim Kardashian fragrance is Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum. A stunning floral bouquet of honeysuckle, gardenia, tuberose and jasmine are fused with spiced tonka bean and musk.


What is Kim Kardashians most popular perfume?

Michael Kors signature scent is famously one of Kim Kardashians favorite perfumes. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the scent inspired the first perfume Kim launched herself. Before building her own fragrance empire, Kardashian is said to have worn this floral scent every day. Its easy to see why, too!


Is KKW body 2 discontinued?

Body II KKW Fragrance / Kim Kardashian 2018

The production was apparently discontinued. Submitted by CPL, last update on 06.04. 2022.


What happened to KKW Fragrance body 1?

On May 1st at midnight, KKW Fragrance will be shutting down the website so that we can relaunch fragrance in the future under a brand new name and under a new web store where you can purchase from all beauty categories under one site, it reads. Fragrance as many of you know is deeply personal for me.

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