to avoid having to kiss tartuffe while he is attempting to seduce her elmire

What does Tartuffe do when Damis tells Orgon about Tartuffe trying to seduce Elmire?

Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire, but she fends him off and agrees not to tell Orgon about his attempted seduction if Tartuffe promises to let Mariane marry Valere. Damis overhears everything and threatens to reveal Tartuffe’s hypocrisy.


What does Tartuffe confess to Elmire?

Tartuffe admits that everything Damis has told him is, in fact, correct. He tells Orgon to believe his son and confesses that he is a hypocrite and a sinner. His performance brings Orgon to tears. He tells Orgon that the best thing for him to do would be to leave, but Orgon won’t let him.


How does Elmire the wife try to trap Tartuffe?

After coughing loudly a number of times and still not being rescued by her husband, Elmire finally pretends to consent to the seduction, but conceives of another ruse to gain time by asking Tartuffe to see if anyone is watching. She pretends to be afraid that her husband might catch them.


What does Tartuffe do as soon as he and Elmire are alone?

Orgon consents and Elmire sends for Tartuffe. When he arrives, he is accosted by Elmire, and soon he begins to make not only his declarations of love to Elmire but also derogatory comments about Orgon.


What is the funniest scene in Tartuffe?

One of the funniest scenes is when Tartuffe attempts to steal the affections of Elmire, who is Orgon’s wife. Elmire is forced to pick up her chair and move it across the stage with a thump to escape Tartuffe’s roving hands.12-Oct-2017


What is the message of Tartuffe?

The main theme of Tartuffe is hypocrisy—pretending to be something one is not or claiming to believe something one does not. Some characters in the play are knowingly hypocrites—Tartuffe, the invisible Laurent, and Monsieur Loyal. Other characters—such as Orgon and his mother—do not recognize their own hypocrisy.


Why is Tartuffe considered a hypocrite?

The title character of this work, Tartuffe, is the ultimate hypocrite: his sinful actions completely contradict the Catholic values that he preaches. Although Tartuffe claims to be pious, charitable, and holy, he is in fact lustful, greedy, and treacherous.


What does Orgon think is so great about Tartuffe?

Orgon believes Tartuffe to be modest and have exemplary character, beginning when he hears Tartuffe say, “I am not worthy. I do not deserve your gifts or pity. I am here to serve” (1.5: 52-54). Orgon becomes infatuated with Tartuffe and invites him to move into his home.12-Sep-2016


How does Tartuffe end?

In short, the King is a world-class wise man. He puts everything in its right place. Not only does he nail Tartuffe for the stuff he’s done to Orgon, but he also exposes Tartuffe’s criminal past.


Who is Tartuffe in love with?

Character Description
Mariane: Mlle de Brie Daughter of Orgon, the fiancée of Valère and sister of Damis
Damis: André Hubert Son of Orgon and brother of Mariane
Laurent Servant of Tartuffe (non-speaking character)
Argas Friend of Orgon who was anti-Louis XIV during the Fronde (mentioned but not seen).
10 more rows


Why does Tartuffe doubt Elmire’s confession What kind of proof do you think he is looking for?

Why does Tartuffe doubt Elmire’s confession


What does Tartuffe pretend to be?

Tartuffe the Character


What does Orgon claim heaven told him to do?

What does Orgon claim Heaven told him to do


Why does Madame Pernelle dislike the house servants?

Why does Madame Pernelle dislike the house servants


What was Moliere’s real name?

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
Molière/Full name
Search for: What was Moliere’s real name


What makes Tartuffe funny?

Tartuffe is a five-act stage comedy that satirizes religious hypocrisy. To win the laughter of the audience, the author infuses the play with witty dialogue, caricature, situation comedy, and irony.


What does Orgon’s strongbox contain?

Orgon explains that the strongbox contains some papers which were left in his keeping by a friend. If the papers were made public, both Orgon and his friend would be in serious trouble.


Why did the church ban Tartuffe?

King Louis XIV issued a ban against the public performance of Moliere’s Tartuffe because of its depiction of a member of the clergy as an impostor and a hypocrite.19-Aug-2020


Is Orgon The main character in Tartuffe?

ORGON, husband of Elmire, son of Madame Pernelle, and father of Mariane and Damis, is the central character of the play and comes entirely under the influence of the hypocrite Tartuffe.


What was the goal of Tartuffe?

During this time, Molière appealed to the king on behalf of his banned play Tartuffe, famously writing in his first appeal, “the purpose of the comedy is to correct the faults of men,” and arguing for the moral necessity of the play. Determined to get it back on the boards, he rewrote and retitled it The Imposter.


What is the hypocrisy

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