stuff to do to seduce cait

How do you flirt with Cait?

Conversely, Cait likes it when you are violent and steal stuff, so you’ll see “Cait hated that” if you do the same with her.
Do enough of the stuff that they like and you’ll begin to see Flirt options pop in in dialogue with them.


How do I get Cait to like me fast?

To increase your approval with Cait, perform some of these actions:
Successfully pick a lock.

Consume chems and alcohol (Only works until you complete her quest, then she will approve of using addictol)
Intimidating, violent or greedy dialogue options.

Criminal activity like pick pocketing.


How can I improve my relationship with Cait?

To quickly raise Cait’s affinity, pick locks, pickpocket, use chems and drink alcohol; with four easy actions, you won’t need to keep her around for long.
After her sidequest, if you still need to raise your affinity, skip the chems.


How do you get Caits perk?

Obtaining. To gain the perk, the Sole Survivor must be at maximum affinity with Cait, which is possible after completing her personal quest (Benign Intervention).


Can you marry Cait Fallout 4?

You can’t get married in Fallout 4, but you can attend Curie’s wedding if you help her out.
Learn more about the companions in Fallout 4 here.


Can I Romance Nick Valentine?

Despite being a major NPC, Nick can’t be romanced at all. It doesn’t make much sense since you could bang a robot in New Vegas, but that’s the way it is. Or, rather, the way it was, thanks to the magic of modding. Fallout 4 modder Shadowslasher410 has released a mod that allows you to get down and dirty with Valentine.


Is dogmeat a synth?

Originally Answered: Fallout 4: Is Dogmeat a synth


When can you flirt with Cait?

Romancing Cait


Can you kill Tommy Fallout 4?

Interactions overview


What does Cait love?

Cait’s likes and dislikes


What happens if you don’t kill danse?

Killing Danse serves no real benefit. You get promoted either way in the Brotherhood of Steel’s questline. He also only turns hostile if he’s still a member of the BOS and by the time Blind Betrayal hits he’s essentially kicked out and flagged as an enemy to them.


Can you have a kid in Fallout 4?

In order for childbirth to happen, you must have a settlement with a baby crib, and someone assined to it.
You can only have 1 baby at a time, to have a 2nd, you must advance time in the game (more on that later).
Say yes, and the game will advance 4 years, causing all your children to age.


Is Piper a synth?

One can call off the operation (failing the quest) or have her perform a traditional replacement op.
If you do so, you will find Piper inspecting Fake Piper’s corpse and confirming that she was a synth to DC’s people.


Can dogmeat die?

Bethesda Game Studios has revealed that the dog in Fallout 4 cannot die.
Confirmation came by way of the Bethesda Softworks Twitter account, citing Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard as the source.
Simply, “Dogmeat cannot die.


Can you romance Cait after her quest?

You can only romance her after the quest.


Is Mama Murphy a synth?

After quitting drugs, Mama Murphy will be like any other settler and work in Sanctuary. According to Fallout Shelter, Mama Murphy is a psychic.


Can you romance Preston Garvey?

If the player character attacks a member of the Minutemen, Preston will instantly and permanently disassociate from the Sole Survivor as a companion. Preston can be romanced. He will temporarily revert back to being friendly during any main quests involving the Minutemen.


Is Deacon a synth?

He’s not a synth.
When he was young, he was part of a gang that harrassed suspected synths.
He left after they lynched someone.


Is the sole survivor a synth?

No, the Sole Survivor is not a synth. He is the “Sole Survivor”. That label in itself tells you that Nate/Nora is human, being the only fully human (Ghouls being ‘evolved’ or ‘transmuted’ humans) left in the world. Replacing the SS with a synth has no purpose, with no benefit to the Institute.


Does Sturges know he’s a synth?

The game makes no reference to him being a synth. There’s no file on him in the SRB, there’s no dialogue where anyone even hints at it.


Is Elder Maxson a synth

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