song id do anything for you

What songs does Oliver sing in Oliver Twist?

. Oliver! – Be Back Soon. .
1. OLIVER TWIST 1968 – Consider Yourself ( Musical ) El Show de Abbott. .
. Oliver! – I’d Do Anything. .
. Oliver Oom Pah Pah. DirGnyCap. .
. Oliver! ( 1968) OST 01 Overture. .
. Oliver! ( 1968) OST 02 Food, Glorious Food/Oliver! .
. Oliver! ( .
. Oliver! (


What songs does bet sing in Oliver?

re: Bet in Oliver!

Bet gets solo singing lines in ‘I’d Do Anything’ and ‘It’s A Fine Life’, iirc.


Who wrote I’d do anything?

Lionel Bart
I’d Do Anything / Composer

Lionel Bart was a British writer and composer of pop music and musicals. He wrote Tommy Steele’s “Rock with the Caveman” and was the sole creator of the musical Oliver!. Wikipedia


What does Simple Plan sing?

I’m Just a Kid

Welcome to My Life


Summer Paradise


Jet Lag

I’d Do Anything

Simple Plan/Songs

In 2002, Simple Plan released their debut studio album, No Pads, No Helmets. Just Balls, which featured the singles “I’m Just a Kid”, “I’d Do Anything”, “Addicted”, and “Perfect”.


What is the first song in Oliver Twist?

Track listing
No. Title Recording artist(s)
1. “Overture” The Orchestra
2. “Food, Glorious Food”/”Oliver!” Mark Lester, Harry Secombe, Peggy Mount & Boys
3. “Boy for Sale” Secombe
4. “Where Is Love?” Lester
10 more rows


Who wrote Oliver?

Lionel Bart
Oliver! / Composer


What should I sing for Oliver audition?

Bill Sykes
“Alive” – Jekyll & Hyde Music➝
“Dog Eats Dog” – Les Misérables Music➝
“Lonely Room” – Oklahoma! .
“The Highest Judge of All” – Carousel Music➝
“Captain Hook’s Waltz” – Peter Pan Music➝
“Kids” – Bye Bye Birdie Music➝
“Master of the House” – Les Misérables Music➝
“With a Little Bit of Luck” – My Fair Lady Music➝


What does Nancy sing in Oliver Twist?

“As Long as He Needs Me” is a torch song sung by the character of Nancy in the 1960 musical Oliver! and written by Lionel Bart. Georgia Brown, who was the first actress to play Nancy, introduced the song. It is a love ballad expressing Nancy’s love for her criminal boyfriend Bill Sikes despite his mistreatment of her.


Who is Bet in Oliver Twist?

Ophelia Lovibond
Oliver Twist (2005) – Ophelia Lovibond as Bet – IMDb.


How old is Dana Patricks Meat Loaf?

Dana Patrick Has Lived a Private Life Since Appearing in Meat Loaf’s 1993 Music Video. On Jan. 20, 2022, legendary singer and actor Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74. His cause of death isn’t clear, but his impact on music culture definitely is.


What won’t meatball do for love?

So, here is a list of all the things Meat Loaf says he won’t do for love: Lie to you. Forget the way you feel right now. Forgive himself if we don’t go all the way tonight.


Who is the girl in Meat Loaf’s Anything For Love video?

Dana Patrick
The actress in the video, Dana Patrick, is miming to Crosby’s vocals. The song earned Meat Loaf a Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo.


Is Green Day emo rock?

A comprimise has been made by listing Green Day as a part of both Pop Punk and Punk Rock. Green Day has had albums/songs in both the Punk Rock (Pre American Idiot) and Pop Punk (Post American Idiot) genres. Therefore, it is fitting that it be classified as both.


What is the Scooby-Doo intro?

“What’s New, Scooby-Doo?” is the name of the theme song for the show of the same name. It is performed by the band Simple Plan, and is written by Rich Dickerson and Gigi Meroni. The song runs a little over a minute. An instrumental version of the song can be heard during the show’s end credits.


How do I find a song by humming?

Use the Google app to name a song

Ask “What’s this song?” or tap Search a song. Play a song or hum, whistle, or sing the melody of a song. Play a song: Google will identify the song. Hum, whistle, or sing: Google will identify potential matches for the song.







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