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Of course they do. Men are wildly attracted to their mistresses. They enjoy their company, the sex is great, and if they could get away with it, they’d spend a lot more time with their mistresses. Unfortunately, they can’t because they’ve got other commitments.

How do I find Siri?

To use Siri, on the Apple® iPhone® X or later, press the side button for a few moments. If your device has a Home button, press it if turned on, or just say “Hey Siri”.


What shouldn’t you ask Siri?

Things You Should Never Ask Siri
“Hey, Siri, why do you vibrate?” .
“Hey Siri, talk dirty to me.” .
“Hey, Siri, red pill or blue pill?” .
“Hey Siri, read me some poetry.” .
“Hey Siri, will you marry me?” .
“Hey Siri, what’s your favorite color?” .
“Hey Siri, what does Jon Snow know?” .
“Hey Siri, tell me a story.”


Does Siri have a boyfriend?

Now, the latest we hear is that Siri’s boyfriend Shrihan too is hinting at the same. The buzz is that the two haven’t met after Siri’s exit from the show. We already told you that Srihan already deleted all the pictures from social media except the movie posters of their series.


Can I ask Siri?

On most Apple devices, you can use Siri hands-free just by starting your request with “Hey Siri.” Or by simply pressing a button.


Can Siri do Harry Potter spells?

There are three enchantments waiting and ready to be used with Siri: Lumos, which turns on your torch; Nox, which turns it off again; and Accio, which opens an app. While these spells are primarily just a fun feature, they do have their uses.


Who is the voice of Siri?

Indeed, even though the voice lines that would eventually be used for Siri were first recorded way back in 2005 – two years before the first iPhone even launched – it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that we met the person behind the voice: Susan Bennett.


How do you make Siri rude?

One of the best ways to get a rise out of Siri is to say, “Siri, I’m naked.” She will respond by calling out the inappropriate nature of the sentence, saying things like, “That’s both inappropriate and irrelevant.” Yell something rude at Siri.


What happens if u say 17 to Siri?

In reality, the hack doesn’t work and if you do tell Siri “17,” you will unwittingly be calling for emergency services. According to the Siri user guide, iPhones automatically call the local emergency number no matter what emergency number you say.


How do u get Siri to swear?

If you want to make Siri cuss at you, you just have to ask Siri this by saying, “ Hey Siri can you define a mother.” After asking that Siri will provide us with the standard definition that we know after that Siri asks us that “ would, you like to hear another definition of this word “ and when you say yes after saying .


How do I make Siri my girlfriend?

Add Your Spouse/Partner

Hold the Home button to activate Siri, and say something like “John Appleseed is my husband” or “Jane Appleseed is my wife.” Note that Siri also recognizes other relationships such as partner, fiancé, girlfriend or boyfriend. Siri requests that you confirm you want to add the relationship.


Did Siri break up with Srihan?

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Siri Hanmanth is down with Covid. Siri’s best friend Jessie also came to meet her, but he met Siri from a distance she has been infected with COVID for sometime now.


How do I remove a girlfriend from Siri?

Go to Settings->General->Siri. Tap ‘My Info’ Change the wrong profile to the correct contact.


What is the coolest thing Siri can do?

Next, simply ask Siri a question after it is activated and the PA in your pocket will reveal the sports information you are after.
Siri Google Search. .
Siri Play Dice or Flip a Coin. .
Siri Change Your Name. .
Siri Set Alarm. .
Siri Make Restaurant Reservations. .
Siri Find and Read Emails. .
Ask Siri About What You Can Ask About.


Is Siri a robot?

Due to the fact that Siri is essentially a robot, her voice lacks emotional, rhythmic, and other culturally acquired sound characteristics prevalent in the human voice.


Can you change Siri’s name?

Sorry, but there is no way to change the name of the virtual assistant “Siri”. That is the actual name of the patented and trademarked technology bundled into iOS.







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