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Real Skin Dildos, Skin Feeling Realistic Penis Soft Sexy Huge Dildo Female Masturbator Double-layer Silicone Suction Cup Dildos for Women Big Dick

  • Brand Name: Heehaw
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Model Number: G331
  • Size: S/L/XL
  • Material: Liquid Silicone
  • Item Type: Dildos
  • Drop Shipping: Support Drop Shipping
  • Features 1: Anal Sex Toys
  • Features 2: large dildo
  • Features 3: Sex Toy For MEN Women
  • Features 4: Super Long Anal Plug
  • Features 5: Toy for Adults
  • Features 6: flesh light
  • Features 7: Huge dildo
  • Features 8: Big dildo
  • toys adult: soft dildo
  • Sex shop: adultism
  • Sex product: big sex toy
  • Package: Secret box packaging
Skin Feeling Realistic Penis Soft Sexy Huge Dildo Female Masturbator Double-layer Silicone Suction Cup Dildos for Women Big Dick

Product Description:
1. Material: Healthy Silicone
2. Size S: 18.5*14 * 3.5cm / 7.28*5.5*1.37inch  (color: Flesh, Perimeter: 11.5cm / 4.52inch)
3. Size L: 20*15.5*4.3cm / 7.87*6.1*1.69 inch ( Color: Flesh, Perimeter:14cm / 5.51inch)
4. Size XL: 26.5*20*5.3cm / 10.43*7.87*2.08 inch ( Color: Flesh, Perimeter:16cm / 6.29inch)
5. Features, double hardness, soft surface, which is hard, very realistic, flexible, do not hurt the vagina, healthy silicone, no smell.

Packaging that protects privacy:

We will ship the dildo with Sturdy carton, no people knows what’s in it, we will declare it as toys for custom, your personal privacy will be well protected.

Do you have a go to masturbation toy you like?

Well I have a box of toys of different sizes when I want to pleasure myself. I am a guy who lives as a girl. I enjoy sex as the girl with a guy. I love riding cowgirl on a guy. So I wanted a way to do this when i didn’t have a friend available for sex.

How is using a dildo different from the real thing?

  • Dildos are not sentient and cannot learn the right moves to drive you wild.
  • Dildos don’t take pleasure in doing things to you.
  • Dildos don’t take over the action while you lose your mind in ecstasy.

What item under $500 has made your life better?

Not item but items. I have doc Johnson Ultra skin dildos! I use them daily to suck on. It keeps me in shape for the real thing. And I consider myself a professional at oral sex!

What is the best female self pleasure product on the market?

A toss up between the pocket rocket and Doc Johnson’s John Holmes Real skin Dildo with suction cup.

Do women want a male partner to use strap on dildos?

When my husband began to suffer erectile dysfunction due to his health issues it was hard for him to maintain an erection. He got a strap on dildo with an average sized dildo to use on me. He put a condom on it as the texture of the dildo didn’t feel like real skin, and I swear when he strapped it on and entered me it felt like the real thing, especially in missionary position.

Why do I love to give blowjob if I am a straight guy?

I’m glad to see I’m not the only guy who wonders what it would be like to orally please another man. I’ve been married for 15 years and have offer wondered sucking a guys cock would be like because I know what I enjoy in receiving head so I’m pretty sure I would be good at it, and the fact my wife has a life like real skin dildo that I occasionally deepthroat while I jerk off and shockingly I have very little gag reflex.

What satisfies you, a dildo or a dick?

Yes and No. Due the size and specialized makes of some dildos, you do indeed get that really nice “full” feeling, the girth is lovely, and some with the bubbles or whatever can feel great.

From where can I buy a dildo and vibrator? Are there any trustworthy sites in India?

I have few toys that lies unopened in my almirah. I bought that online, but was moving to a different country.

What’s the most surprising thing you found on the ground?

I have found a number of things on the ground, I will start with the first odd thing I found and go from there:

1.) When I was approximately age nine I found an oddly worked stone among a bunch of other rocks. My mother had it looked at and found out it was a very old, pre-contact Tlingit skin scraper.

2.) Next up at about age twelve, I found a very large pearl on the sidewalk. My mother later had this set in a ring for me.

Where can I buy sex toys for women in India?

Few years back this was an issue, but its very easy nowadays. All leading marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal etc. have a category that’s named like wellness etc.

I am 12 do you think I am old enough to use a dildo?

I mean, yeah. Obviously start off with a small dildo instead of going straight to 8 inch thick dildos. No matter how horny you feel, always start off small because you never know if you’ll like it and starting off big might hurt so it’s much better to work from smaller to bigger. Personally I do think 12 is a bit young but we all have those horny feelings. I first started masturbating’s at the age of 12. I’m 16 now and I have just bought a dildo.

What separates an average doctor from one of the best?

A great many aspects of an individual, both personal and professional, work together in making a good doctor, great. I began to dissect the question in real earnest when, for the fourth time in two years, my prickly British mother ended up in the ER with an attack of diverticulitis.

What is the best experience dressed as a girl?

The best for me was the first time my wife let me dress up completely from wig, lingerie, make up, thigh highs, garter belt, perfume and 5 inch heels.

Can you describe the difference in feeling between a cock and a dildo in your vagina?

Some dildos have the same feel of human skin but they don’t have the same amount of “give”. They don’t throb either – I can feel my lover’s pulse when he’s inside me and I concentrate.

You have 20 minutes to be God, what do you do?

Twenty minutes? By whose time-scale? In theory, the only way God could operate as depicted is to exist separate from time; or rather existing detached from Duration altogether.


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