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Dildos For Guys


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Dildos For Guys, Skin Feeling Realistic Dildo Soft Material Huge Big Penis With Suction Cup Dildos Sex Toys for Woman Strapon Female Masturbators

  • Brand Name: doloise
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Model Number: Big dildos
  • Item Type: Dildos
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Size: 18.5*5
  • Material: Silicone
  • Item Type1: Realistic Dildo
  • Item Type2: Penis
  • Item Type3: Big Penis
  • Item Type4: penis artificial
  • Item Type5: dildo for women
  • Item Type6: soft dildo for women

18.5cm Simulation Dildo Realistic Sliding Foreskin G spot Stimulate Soft Silicone Penis Soft Huge Big Dick Suction Cup Sex Toys

Product Description:

Size L

Color: Brown
Size: 20CM(7.8inch) and 4.5cm(1.77inch)
Weight: 365g
Lifelike Sliding Foreskin Design
1. Super long thick dildo, so realistic, full of skin feel.
2. Powerful suction cup that can be attached to any smooth surface to free your hands.
3.100% waterproof, suitable for use in the bathroom. Easy to clean.

Product Cleaning Tips :

Clean: Please clean product with warm water or antibacterial soap

Wipe: Dry the product with clean cloth or towels

Save: Keep the product in a cool, dry and clean place

Attention: Never clean this product with organic cleaner that contains alcohol, gasoline or acetone. Avoid direct sunshine

Privacy Guaranteed:

Dildos For Guys, Your privacy is the utmost importance for us!

We promise to send your products in a secret condition, always haven’t any pictures and words about sex on your packages. (please send us the message if you have other requirements).

About our discreet packaging you don’t need to worry, the only person who knows the contents of the package is you!


Size S(Can’t slide the foreskin)

Total length: 7.48 inches / 19 cm

Insertable length: 5.51 inches/14 cm

Diameter: 1.37 inches / 3.5 cm

Weight: 270 grams

What does it mean if a cross-dresser guy uses dildo for himself? Is he a bisexual or a gay?

Cross-dressing and the usage of a dildo are indulged in by straight people. It does not determine sexual orientation.

Have you ever had a guy to suck a strap-on dildo for you? I’m just begging to see how it makes a woman feel.

I don’t think this will make a woman feel anything, though it would be a feeling of power for her i guess.

I have had encounters with women who made me suck their strap-on, that was quite hot for me

What is the difference between using a dildo and having sex with a man (for guys)?

You get to choose the dildo size and shape and you get to decide how fast and far it goes in and you get to decide how much you’re going to fuck it. When you have sex with a man you get what he has between his legs.

If a guy likes to ride a dildo, is he gay?

Although this is the mind frame some people would project. There is a lot of sexual pleasure in the anus that most people don’t consider. If a man likes to ride a dildo, there could be a few reasons why he does that and neither of them would be a suggestion about being gay.

What are your thoughts on President Trump praising Rudy Giuliani for his legal team of ‘wonderful lawyers’?

I beg to differ! President Scabrous Scrotum’s REAL lawyers, like Porter Wright Morris & Arthur and Jones Day quit. They’re one of the largest law firms in the US and announced during an internal meeting that the firm would not be involving itself in election litigation anymore.

As a guy, have you ever used a dildo?

Yes an un countable amount of times I love it and I’m only 16 I unfortunately have to use my parents dildos without them knowing but I still love it I love going deep with them and slipping.

I m straight guy but want to use dildos, vibrators and butt plugs just like my girlfriend. Is it normal?

Anal penetration is just as pleasurable for men as it is for women, if not more. Prostate stimulation has been a hit amongst men for ages, whether it’s done using just the hands or a toy. There isn’t a “normal” when it comes to sex, if you and your partner are into it then why shy away!

How does it feel to put a dildo in your butt for a guy?

It’s the best feeling ever.

Do guys uses sec toys as much as girls do?

Some guys use more. It depends on the guy. I have enough to fill a trunk. Maybe enough for a second. I also have a lot of bondage rope cut into 100′, 50′, 25′ and 12–1/2′. I have extra harnesses and dildoes for when I have a bunch of girls over.Is it normal for a guy to be able to insert a 12-inch dildo in his butt?

I do it 3 times a week or more. I own some good dildos that I enjoy a lot.

Is it weird for a straight guy to use a dildo?

Nope. Pleasure is pleasure regardless of sexual orientation. If you stimulate your erogenous zones with the help of a dildo, you will experience a whole new level of enjoyment that most men fear to try.

Do straight men like to be pegged?

If i could find me a woman who was kinky enough to do that i would marry her and i would never touch another penis fr the rest of my life.

What do you think about straight guys who like anal dildo penetration?

What I think of someone else’s personal preferences is of zero concern to anyone, provided it doesn’t harm or involve anyone who cannot or did not, give informed consent it is literally their business and NO ONE ELSE’S.


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