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Big Dildos For Sale


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Big Dildos For Sale, Big Thick Dildo Vibrator Jelly Vibrating Cock Realistic Huge Penis G-spot Sex Toys for Women Adults 18 Female Masturbator Shop

  • Brand Name: Yema
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Type: G-Spot
  • Material: Silicone
  • Model Number: A0019
  • Item Type: Vibrators
  • Size: L23*5 CM
  • Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Beige
  • Weight: 343 g
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Diameter: 5 cm
  • Power: 2 AA batteries(not included)
  • Function: Dildo Vibrators for Women masturbation
  • Package: Secret and Discreet Package


Item condition: new, unused, undamaged, unopened
Non-stick, non-toxic,
Maximum intensity with minimum noise
Unique Streamline design
Waterproof and bath-friendly
Compact, discreet and lightweight
Smooth surface will not cause the damage for skin
Lover flirts or fulfills the demand of female
Easy to use and operate


Material: Silicone
Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Beige
Size: Length: 23 cm
Diameter: 5 cm
Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Function: G-spot, Vagina and Clitoris Stimulator, Body Massage, Female Masturbation, Sex Toys for Adults 18 Women Couples

Big Dildos For Sale

Big Dildos For Sale

Big Dildos For Sale

Big Dildos For Sale

What is the most amazing thing you have ever found at a yard sale?

As I passed by, I could not believe what they were selling. It was a big collection of sex toys. Since none of the items were packaged, I assume they were all used. They had dildos of every size as well as some things that I had never seen before, but were obviously some type of sex toys.

If you run a small business what’s the most problematic area of your life and business right now?

Along with the increased onboarding of Chinese factories came a sharp increase in fake reviews that the Chinese factories purchase from China based Amazon fake review companies. I lived in China for 10 years so its easy for me to detect certain grammar mistakes only Chinese people would make.

Why are average dildos larger than the average penis size if most women profess to be satisfied with an average sized penis?

There are many answers that explain this in part – longer dildos give you somewhere to grip, the fact that a woman might occasionally want the kind of stuffing that’s fun now and then but would be painful every day, and the “eyes bigger than, er, stomach” syndrome.

Who is the craziest person you’ve ever worked for and are you still working for them?

When I started, I was fairly autonomous, so I managed to be fairly successful at it, despite being this innocent little cherub, so wide-eyed with wonder at everything I was seeing.

How do you play with sex toys?

I am huge on clitoral stimulation, but not necessarily penetration. When I play with sex toys I use a few different ones and try to fill all the voids. Like for instance I play with my clit with a bullet type and a dildo or vibrator like my favorite (a rabbit vibrator) sometimes I use it for both internal and external or sometimes I just let the shaft tickle elsewhere while I stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

Which is the best dildo on Amazon for squirting?

Don’t know about Amazon, the best I’ve found is Don’t Johnson. It’s plenty big enough, has a suction cup and a hypodermic to fill your pussy or asshole with cum. You’ll have cum farts for two hours. One of my favorite toys. Hope this helps.

Which is best dildo to make girl squirts and is it possible to buy in India?

Which is best dildo to make girl squirts and is it possible to buy in India? There is no reason to think that a dildo will make a woman squirt. The limited data available is that the vast majority of women do not squirt.

What is one thing you could never tell anyone even your best friend?

A lot of my closest friends are here, so if there’s something I don’t want them to know I wouldn’t say it here.

How do/should I lick a girl’s pussy to make her squirt?

Very few women squirt from licking, u will need to get her excited, meaning lots of foreplay, massage with oil is the best way to start, then u can start to fiddle, ask her to squat, and then insert your 2 fingers, with your palm facing up, on the top of her- vagina there will be a almost rough place, u apply gentle pressure and massage, almost as if you pulling your fingers towards you, massage for a while, this should do the trick, tell her if she feels like peeing, she should just pee, someone ladies think its actually pee and hold it in.

How does it feel to get your ass fucked by your female partner’s strap on?

I think it feels good. My Wife has been FUCKING my ass for the last 30 years. Sometimes it with a hand held dildo, other times she uses a harness and takes me doggie style. I don’t care how she does it.


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