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6 Inch Dildos


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6 Inch Dildos, Soft Jelly Dildo Realistic Anal Dildo Penis Suction Cup Male Dick Female Masturbation Erotic Toys for Adult Sex Toys for Woman

  • Brand Name: HEONYIRRY
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Model Number: Huge Dildos
  • Size: 20*4.5cm
  • Material: TPR
  • Name: jelly Dildo
  • Size1: 20*18*4CM
  • Size2: 18*16*3.8cm
  • Size3: 15*13*3.5cm
  • Feature 1: Suction Cup Dildo
  • Feature 2: Big Dildo
  • Feature 3: dildo realistic
  • Function 1: Women Masturbation
  • Function 2: Sex Toy Dildo
  • Function 3: Silicone Penis
  • Function 4: Sex Dildo
  • Feature 4: Huge Dildo

Please contact me as soon as possible if you encounter any product problems or after-sales problems. Don’t make a dispute, thank you for your cooperation.
The dildo was designed almost true, 1:1 Lifelike style and Realistic hand feel.
Can Stimulate G-spot easily, make the user reaching an orgasm.
Easy to clean, easy to save. Resistant to bacteria production.
Strong suction base to attach on any smooth surface.
Functions: Foreplay, vagina and anal sex toy
Material: TPE
Size: As the picture
6 Inch Dildos

Why does my waist hurt after putting a 6-inch dildo in my butt?

Sorry , I don’t have an answer for why its your waist that hurts.I thought someone would else might have answered this by now

How can I make a fake glory hole with my 6-inch dildo?

Ok wait. You want to make a glory hole. Which normally people stick their Dick in to get head. But I’m guessing you want to make one for your dildo to go through and then you suck it and fuck it.

My second wife likes to get fucked deep with a 7-inch dildo. I’m only 6. What should I do?

I’d like to invite you to a bit of a paradigm shift on sex. My premise is that a lot of people make the mistake of thinking the penis is the main character in a sex story. I think this is a grave mistake.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have seen at the gym?

I don’t frequent a gym but we have a fitness room in both our hotels. Sometimes I go down there to watch how the programmes are going and if our guests are enjoying themselves.

What are some legendary high school pranks?

Snuck in at night and climbed up on the roof of the school and threw two rotten eggs into every classroom and office. Feel a little bad about that one. keyboards, desks, lesson plans ruined. Thought it was the best prank ever at the time.

Is a female teenager’s anus able to take a grown man’s penis?

Yes. I was 12 years old when I masturbated with an 8 inch dildo in my anus. I was a small girl, but I loved anal stimulation and I still love it. Though I have grown a little bit, a good 12 inch dildo still makes my anus tingle. The average man is about 6 inches, so yes definately.

Can a man’s anus take a 14″ penis?

Sure it can if you are cleaned out good you can take more ,I havd had a 16 inch dildo completly engulfed but I had rather have thickgirth and feel it stretch me open.

What is your dirty secret?

I use to borrow my roommate’s butt plugs without her knowing… I used to wait until she’d be out of the house for a bit, either for work or run errands, then rush to her room and go through her bedside table.

I am 12 do you think I am old enough to use a dildo?

I mean, yeah. Obviously start off with a small dildo instead of going straight to 8 inch thick dildos. No matter how horny you feel, always start off small because you never know if you’ll like it and starting off big might hurt so it’s much better to work from smaller to bigger.

What is your preferred size of cock and dildos?

For cock I am very accepting of all sizes. They all feel good and men shouldn’t be excluded because of what they were born with.

What size toys do you prefer?

Well if we talk about dildos for example, it all depends on how stretched and open are you. Dildos are meant to be fun not causing discomfort.

How much or how big in length of a cock can an average guy take when having anal sex?

Personally speaking, my gf uses a 6 inch dildo and I feel completely full when she’s inside me. I don’t think I’d want bigger, it would feel uncomfortably deep.

Can men enjoy receiving anal sex?

My wife introduced her dildo to my ass 20+ years ago. She started by licking my ass and rubbing the dildo on the hole.


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