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miyuki love is war

Who is Miyuki girlfriend?

After the events of Chapter 160, Miyuki and Kaguya had officially started dating in secret.


Does Miyuki and Kaguya end up together?

As the chapter ends, Kaguya kisses Miyuki, telling him that she loves him which he reciprocates. They keep telling each other “I love you” and end up having sex anyway.


How old is Miyuki love is war?

You’ll probably never know how happy I was when I finally beat you at your best. I felt a glimmer of hope in my chest that just maybe we could one day stand on equal footing.
Thor Love and Thunder – The Loop.
Miyuki Shirogane
Age 17 (as of Chapter 53)
Gender Male
Birthday September 9 (Virgo)
Hair Color Blond
22 more rows


Does Miyuki confess to Kaguya?

Miyuki became the “chad-Gane” of the Shirogane family when he confessed to Kaguya! He planned and timed everything so his once-in-a-lifetime cultural festival with Kaguya will go out with a bang!


Did Kaguya and Miyuki get married?

As of the chapter “Kaguya-sama wants to break up (Part 1)”, Kaguya has broken up with Miyuki due to her family marrying her off of someone to the Shinomiya family status.


Who confesses in love is war?

Eventually, the two end up on the rooftop. Kaguya has been planning to confess during this date, and she finally gathers the courage to do so. Kaguya confesses and asks Shirogane to go out with her. The two share a kiss, and the narration states Kaguya and Shirogane have begun dating.


Who does Ishigami end up with?

In the Kaguya-sama manga, Ishigami ends up with Miko Iino.


Do Kaguya and Shirogane ever get together?

For those of you who have either read the manga or would immediately like to know recent manga updates, Shirogane and Kaguya do get together.


Did love is war anime end?

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War” by Aka Akasaka will be ending in 14 chapters. The series will conclude with it’s 28th Volume. In fact, the recent finale episode of the series’ third anime season marked the formal announcement and confirmation of a new season coming.


Is Shirogane poor?

The Shinomiya family is poor and Kaguya got into the prestigious Shuchiin Academy on a scholarship. Meanwhile, the Shiroganes are wealthy and powerful, and Miyuki is the respected older son. Ai Hayasaka is Shirogane’s best friend and personal maid/valet.


Who likes Chika Fujiwara?

Yu Ishigami

Ishigami is often the only one who can counter Chika’s more chaotic aspects while Chika enjoys teasing him whenever she’s given the opportunity to. Later, it’s revealed that the two hold some fondness for each other (Chika being sympathetic to his situation and Ishigami admitting her genius capabilities).


Does Miyuki become president again?

Miyuki eventually wins re-election and invites Miko to join the Student Council, while Kaguya worries that she might not be selected as vice president due to her actions during the election until Miyuki re-offers her the position.


Will Kaguya-sama have a happy ending?

Kaguya Sama: Twitter goes gaga as season 3 ends, officiating Kaguya & Shirogane as a couple. Fans had much reason to celebrate following the hour-long finale of Kaguya Sama: Love Is War, which showed Kaguya and Miyuki finally becoming a couple.


Who wins in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?

Not only is Shinomiya currently in the lead, but she’s held it for nearly the entire series to this point. She emerged victorious from Season 1 by picking up 12 wins to Shirogane’s nine. Season 2 of Kaguya-sama saw Shinomiya defend her title, winning 11 matches while Shirogane escaped with a mere six wins.


Which episode do they confess in love is war?

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 3 Episode 10 – Kaguya’s new rival, Ishigami’s indirect confession.







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