is pura fragrance safe for babies

Pet & Kid Friendly. Pura makes scents for everyonekids, pets, and sensitive noses included. Each scent is tested by fragrance reviewers and scientists to ensure that the you can all smell safely.

Is Pura a safe fragrance?

100% non toxic, eco-friendly, pet safe fragrance.


Is Pura diffuser safe for pregnancy?

Yes, our products are gentle, yet effective and safe for pregnant women.


Are Pura oils non toxic?

Quality Ingredients

There are no additives, chemicals, or toxins in anything that is Pura branded. It has been our goal as a company from the very beginning to offer scents that we were comfortable diffusing around our families and our pets.


Does Pura have endocrine disruptors?

Most plug-in fragrances use parabens and phthalates in their fragrances which are endocrine disruptors. The scents from Pura that are made with essential oils are a much better choice!


Is Pura safer than candles?

Plugging directly into your wall, the Pura Smart Diffuser is safer than candles and is approved for kids as well as pets. Good for the environment. Pura fragrances are safe and ethically sourced, designed without harsh chemicals or GMO ingredients.


Is Pura safe for asthma?

PURA CHOICE Starter Pack Is Australian Made & Owned and is safe for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and asthma sufferers.


Is Pura diffuser non toxic?

Unlike other fragrance diffusers that can contain toxic ingredients, the Pura fragrance cartridges are made cruelty-free with zero harmful toxins and zero artificial preservatives. Plus they are safe for use around pets. The cartridges are even recyclable.


Can air freshener affect baby?

It is generally advised to avoid use of fragrant products inside your newborns nursery or sleeping environment. Their lungs are still developing and exposure to aerosol irritants wont provide any benefit.


Is Pura all natural?

Naturally Derived

Natural is better, so only the freshest of plants, herbs, and fruits are used directly in Pura scents. We never use harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients.


What are Pura scents made of?

For starters, Pura uses ingredients that are extracted from the source, like flowers, fruits, leaves, and wood. The only synthetics used are formulated specifically to protect the environment and expand our conviction to provide sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe fragrances.

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