in until dawn how do u seduce jess

How old is Jess in until dawn?

18 years old
Along with Ashley and Matt, she is one of the youngest of the protagonists, at 18 years old. Jessica, along with Sam and Josh, are the only characters who have four outfits in the game (including the Prologue).


How do you keep Jess alive in until dawn?

At that point, she tries to escape a Wendigo, creatures that are the real killers, in the mine.
If she tries to hide and you manage to stay still with the game controller, Jessica will get away.
You have to do this absolutely still trick twice with the game controller in order to make her survive.


What happens if you scare Jess with the mask?

If he scares her with it, she will fall into a cold stream, being visibly upset and annoyed. Their relationship will slightly decrease, and Jess will hold Mike accountable for the loss of her phone later.


Should I comfort or kill the deer in until dawn?

It is worth noting that comforting the deer is essential to getting Jessica “in the mood” for their cabin scene.
So for players that are aiming to get on Jessica’s good side, keep in mind that the visceral scene of Mike killing a deer won’t make her swoon.


Can the icicle kill Jess and Mike?

Can the icicle kill


Should I kill Emily until dawn?

Shooting Emily dead will unlock the “Exorcism Of Emily” Bronze Trophy.
If Mike doesn’t shoot her, you unlock the “Let eM In” Bronze Trophy instead.


Should I kill Josh or Ashley?

You can’t actually kill Ashley; the handle will still be rigged to move to the right even if you choose left so Josh still gets targeted. So, in actuality, there is no real choice, just the illusion of one. 🙂 Spoilers!


Is Josh the bad guy in until dawn?

Joshua “Josh” Washington, also called “The Psycho”, is one of the eight main protagonists and the (former) secondary antagonist of the 2015 video game Until Dawn.


Can Josh be saved in until dawn?

The only way to save Josh Washington, expertly played by Rami Malek (aka Mr.
Robot), is by finding a specific clue while playing as Sam in Chapter 10.
When Mike and Sam are on their way to the Wendigo’s lair, she and Mike will drop down into the water near the water wheel.


How can Sam die in until dawn?

Sam has only one death: impaled in the abdomen by a Wendigo. She can also indirectly/unintentionally cause Josh to die if she did not find Hannah’s diary, which contains vital information which helps him survive until dawn.


Does Mike die in until dawn?

Deaths. He is one of three characters who cannot die until Chapter 10. The other two are Sam and Josh. If Mike is attacked by the Wendigo in the lodge, he isn’t completely dead as he may use his lighter to burn down the lodge.


Who is the hardest person to kill in until dawn?

Jess is the hardest one to keep alive.
A single mistake on one QTE out of like a dozen kills her, other characters have much more forgiving chases and events, or they are Mike and can fail absolutely every button press they are exposed to and still survive until the very end.


Why did Matt die in until dawn?

If Emily gave Matt the flare gun and Matt didn’t already use it, he can shoot the Wendigo with it. Doing so will result in the Wendigo frantically running away. Otherwise, the Wendigo will hang Matt through his jaw on a hook and leave him to his death.


Who dies until dawn?

Until Dawn
Beth Washington- Succumbed to injuries after falling off a cliff.

Samantha Giddings – Impaled by abdomen by a Wendigo.

Ashley Brown- Decapitated by Wendigo/Eyes gouged out/Incinerated in lodge explosion.

Christopher Hartley – Decapitated by Wendigo/Incinerated in lodge explosion.


Why did Josh become a Wendigo?

If he was spared by Hannah, having no clue how to escape the cavernous mines, completely mentally broken and isolated from all human contact (which is implied to be his greatest fear), Josh is overwhelmed with hunger as the days pass, and he succumbs to the Wendigo Spirit.


Who is the ghost in until dawn?

The Ghost is a puppet created by Josh to scare Ashley and Chris in the basement of Washington Lodge.


How many people died in until dawn?

All eight characters may die by the end of the story, depending on the player’s decisions.


Can Emily avoid being bitten?

Emily shoots the flare. Successfully shooting it will allow her to escape without being bitten. Not being bitten gives Mike nothing to confront her about, which also spares her a potential death. Missing the shot will result in the Wendigo jumping on Emily and biting her.


Can you save Josh from becoming a Wendigo?

No he can’t kill anyone.
He becomes a Wendigo by eating the head of the Flamethrower guy that is given to him by Hannah I believe.
You can’t save him any other way.


Do Hannah and Beth always die?

Regardless of what happens, Hannah will always die in the final explosion.


Is it possible to kill everyone in until dawn

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