i don’t know why i love you but i do

What to say when someone asks why do you love me?

Here are 12 sweet things to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend when they ask, “Why do you love me?”
“I love you because you are you. .
“You are like sunshine itself, and I feel better when I’m with you.”
“I love how I feel when I’m with you.”
“You accept me for me. .
“You make me feel more alive than anyone ever has.”


Is there a reason why you love someone?

Beyond hormones, primal desire, or whatever else you want to chalk it up to, the chances are that you love your partner for more than one reason or trait. You could love them for who they are, how they make you feel, because you share an understanding that is special to you, or any number of things.


Why do you love her best answer?

You make me feel comfortable, am always at ease when around you. You know me inside out, you know all my shortcomings yet you find a way of loving me. You make me smile even when am so worked out. You get me laughing until I am happy again.


Why do we love someone without any reason?

Love is freedom, when you doesn’t stop other person from going away . We fall madly in love with a person without a reason because we see him/her enjoying her life even after having so many troubles in life, we see him loving himself, pursuing goals and hobbies.


How do you know if I am in love?

Here are 13 telltale signs you’re in love.
Thinking this one’s special. When you’re in love, more dopamine is released in the brain. ( .
Focusing on the positive. .
Emotional instability. .
Intensifying attraction. .
Intrusive thinking. .
Emotional dependency. .
Planning a future. .
Feelings of empathy.


What to say if a guy asks if you love him?

1) “You make me happy.”

So don’t be afraid to explain why he makes you so happy, and how. Explain that your happiness in the relationship makes you feel even more in love with him. The happiness of my significant other is always really important to me. So to hear her say that I make her happy always feels good.


Can you love someone without a reason?

If you tell your partner you love them without reason, your love transcends this world, it’s beyond the imagination, or more eloquently put “you love unconditionally”, it will mean they can do anything and everything and you’ll still love them. This is great, it’s romantic.


How will u know if a guy loves u?

If a man loves you, the guy doesn’t feel the need to question and doubt you. They also doesn’t feel the need to be possessive, clingy, controlling or needy. In short, when a man loves you, they trust you. The guy might want to know where you are or who you spend time with, but this isn’t out of suspicion.


How many times do we fall in love?

How many times can you fall in love? Well, the average person falls in love four times during their lifetime.


Why do I love my boyfriend?

His smile. he’s got a really cute one.
He’s thoughtful. surprise flowers at the office.
He knows how to make me laugh. like, a lot.
He’s a good listener. .
He’s Mr. .
He always drives – .
He’s a big family guy – .
He always opens the door for me –


What to tell a girl you love about her?

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend
Adventures with you are my favorite.
You make the world so much more beautiful.
I’m in awe of what a wonderful person you are.
You inspire me to be a better man.
You are my lucky charm.
I appreciate that you _____.
If you let me, I would hold you forever.


How much do you love someone answers?

How Much Do You Love Me?
I love you to the moon and back. .
I love you with all my heart and soul, body and mind. .
I love you so much that I will never leave you. .
I show you how much I love you in how I treat you every day. .
There’s beggary in the love that can be reckoned. .
I’m still here, aren’t I?


What’s a true love?

True love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate and fulfilling relationship. An example of true love is the emotion shared between a couple who has been married for 40 years and who are still passionate about each other and care deeply for each other. noun.


How long does it take to fall in love?

The average time for men to fall in love is 88 days, while those same feelings of true love take women 134 days. Another dating site, Elite Singles, did a poll in 2017 and found that 61 per cent of women believe in love at first sight, while 72 per cent of men do. These surveys focused on heterosexual relationships.


Why do I fall in love so easily?

You could also be addicted to the thrilling, euphoric feeling of falling in love. This comes as no surprise because the brain is essentially designed to fall in love quickly. During the early stages of a relationship, you’re high on dopamine and oxytocin, and your body encourages you to bond quickly.







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