how to improve sexual libido

Natural ways to boost libido
Manage anxiety.
Share on Pinterest Regular exercise and open communication can help prevent anxiety affecting libido.

Improve relationship quality.

Focus on foreplay.

Get good-quality sleep.

Eat a nutritious diet.

Try herbal remedies.

Get regular exercise.

Maintain a healthful weight.

What causes lack of horniness?

Loss of libido (sex drive) is a common problem that affects many men and women at some point in their life. It’s often linked to relationship issues, stress or tiredness, but can be a sign of an underlying medical problem, such as reduced hormone levels.


What foods make you hornier?

Here are several foods that may boost your libido:
Several animal studies indicate that oysters may boost your libido, but there is no human research in this area ( 34 , 35).






Horny goat weed.



What foods make a woman wet?

A diet high in fatty acids may aid in producing additional vaginal lubrication. Raw pumpkin, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and fish (especially salmon, mackerel and tuna) are great choices that are high in fatty acids.


What fruit is a natural Viagra?

Watermelon may be a natural Viagra, says a researcher.
That’s because the popular summer fruit is richer than experts believed in an amino acid called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).


Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes?

Women’s vaginas are less elastic when they are not sexually aroused. They become more elastic — “looser” — the more sexually excited they become. A woman may feel “tighter” to a man when she is less aroused, less comfortable, and having less pleasure than her partner.


How can I get hard fast without pills?

Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes


What does it mean when a girl is tight?

If the vagina feels “too tight” during lovemaking, the woman is either: Not interested in sex.
She has not had enough warm-up time to allow her vaginal musculature to relax enough for comfortable insertion.


Why does my girlfriend smell like fish?

If you notice a fishy odor from your vagina or vaginal discharge, it may be caused by sweating, a bacterial infection, or even your genetics.
The most common is cause is vaginitis, an infection or inflammation of the vagina.
The odor of your vagina varies throughout your menstrual cycle.


Why does my girlfriend not get turned on anymore?

Hormonal changes such as thyroid dysfunction, low testosterone or menopause can also contribute to decreased drive and arousal.
Psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, concern with body image or a history of abuse can contribute to decreased arousal.


How can I become virgin again?

10 Natural And Effective Ways To Regain Your Virginity
Exercise for pelvic floor muscles.
Find Out More >
Use Ben-Wa Balls.

Intimate Secrets of Eve.

Exercise and Sweat.

Go for a healthy diet.

Try Gooseberries.

Oak Gall.

Pueraria Mirifica.


Does drinking water help lubrication?

Water helps to keep your joints lubricated and flexible; the Synovial fluid that directly lubricates your joints is made up primarily of water.
This fluid reduces the friction between joints and helps to maintain healthy tissue and joints.


How do I loosen down there?

To strengthen your vaginal muscles using a pelvic tilt exercise:
Stand with your shoulders and butt against a wall. Keep both of your knees soft.
Pull your bellybutton in toward your spine.
Tighten your bellybutton for 4 seconds, then release.
Do this 10 times, for up to 5 times a day.


How can I make my Pennis strong?

General tips
Stay hydrated.
Hydration is important for your overall health, as well as the health of your penis.

Eat a balanced diet.

Get regular exercise.

Practice pelvic floor exercises.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Practice stress management.

Practice sleep hygiene.

Avoid tobacco.


Why is my erection not as strong as it used to be?

The blood vessels in the penis are smaller than arteries in other parts of your body, so any problems like blockages, blood vessel dilation issues, or hormone imbalances will sometimes show up as erectile dysfunction (or less firm erections) before something more serious like a heart attack or stroke.


Why does my girlfriend bleed every time?

an infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), or a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as chlamydia. vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) caused by reduced vaginal secretions after the menopause. damage to the vagina, such as tears caused by childbirth, or by dryness or friction during sex.


Why am I always wet down there and smelly?

Bacterial vaginosis


Can other people smell my discharge?

Don’t worry too much about other people noticing the way your vulva smells.
Generally other people won’t be able to smell it at all unless they get very close to your vulva, like when you’re having sex, and in that case most people like the way their partners’ vulvas smell.


What are signs of female arousal?

The main signs of female arousal include:
your breasts getting fuller.
your nipples hardening (getting erect)
your heart rate and breathing getting faster.
swelling of your clitoris and your vagina’s inner lips (labia minora)
having an orgasm (climaxing)


Can a man know if a woman is virgin?

Will he be able to tell you’re a virgin by looking at you naked


How do you know when a guy is still a virgin?

These signs help you know about the virgin of gay, check out these points:
Awkward kissing. A guy is a virgin if his way of kissing is rather unbearable and awkward.
A virgin is often shy about touching.
While making love, he will ask for permission.
When getting physically intimate, he is very unsure.
He is ‘so quick.


Why do vaginas smell

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