how to flirt with cora

Always select the flirt option when talking with Cora to ensure you romance her. Once you reach Eos and have left the Tempest, return to the ship and talk to Cora in the Bio Lab and choose the dialogue option, “You’re a romantic.”20-Mar-2017

Can you be with Peebee and Cora?

You can fully romance both Cora and PeeBee.


Can I romance Keri and Cora?

Yes flings count. The best strategy is to romance Cora or Vetra, one night stand PeeBee and romance the asari reporter.27-Jun-2017


Can you romance Cora after Peebee?

No. You only loose the chance to romance Cora if you commit to a relationship with Peebee. only if you agree to strings attached. You can romance both.27-Jun-2017


Can you romance Avela Cora?

Characters you can romance as Male Ryder:


When can I romance Cora?

After finishing Mission 4 and Cora’s Loyalty mission, and leaving and returning to the Tempest at least once, you will be able to progress the romance further.20-Mar-2017


Does Reyes romance lock you in?

Re: Locked out of flirting with anyone after flirting with Reyes on Kadara. Not a bug. It means that you have locked your character into that romance option.


Can you romance Suvi?

Suvi is a female scientist who works with you on the Tempest, and unlike a few other romance options, Suvi is not one of the squadmates you can unlock. You will still need to speak with her over the course of the game, and romancing her will go towards unlocking all Achievements and Trophies.20-Mar-2017


Who is the best romance in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda: Every Romance Option, Ranked
1 Cora. Reserved exclusively for Scott, Cora is easily the best romantic interest to pursue in the game.
2 Liam. Liam is reserved for Sara and makes for a great partner.
3 Pelessaria (Peebee)
4 Jaal.
5 Vetra.
6 Avela.
7 Dr.
8 Gil.


Can you romance JAAL as a man?

Originally only an option for a female Ryder, Jaal is now available to romance as both male and female.18-Mar-2021


Can you romance Peebee if you sleep with her?

1 Answer. You can sleep with PeeBee and continue to do so, so long as you’re not fully committed to someone (Some relationships aren’t full commitments).27-Aug-2017


Can you romance everyone in Andromeda?

You can romance all available characters at the same time.


Will there be a mass effect 5?

Mass Effect 5 — what to play while you wait


Where is Cora on Eos?

Fairwinds Basin
Go to Eos with Cora


Is Cora related to the Illusive Man?

Cora may be related to the Illusive Man


Where is Cora on The Tempest?

docking bay
Cora – Near the Slums/Ship travel spot in the docking bay, moves to center area of the market outside the HQ.


Is Reyes the charlatan?

Reyes is the Charlatan, and he challenges Sloane to a duel for control of Kadara Port. If you don’t act to protect Sloane from the sniper, Reyes and the Collective will take over on Kadara.17-Apr-2017


Where do you find Reyes?

Reyes Vidal, a charming and mysterious exile, can be found on Kadara during the Priority Op quest “Hunting the Archon.” To romance him, you can be playing as either a male or female Ryder.18-Sep-2020


Where is Reyes on kadara?

Speak with Sloane/Reyes


Is Liara in love with Feron?

Fans have spent years debating whether or not Liara and Feron were actually in love. As someone who read the comics in which Feron was featured and did playthroughs where I did and did not romance Liara, I’d have to say that my final verdict is yes. Liara and Feron were most definitely in love.28-May-2021


How many endings does Mass Effect Andromeda have?

one ending
We’ll start off with the big spoiler: There’s only one ending to Mass Effect: Andromeda. We’ve already written about how certain decisions have an effect on certain events during the ending of the game, but nothing you do effects the outcome.21-Apr-2017


Which Mass Effect romance is the best

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