how to compliment a girl while cuddling

How do you make a girl feel good while cuddling?

Some options for your hands are putting it on her leg. Around her waist or even better holding herMore


How do you cuddle a girl over text?

We’re like a little spooning puzzle. You’re so warm and snuggly, I love curling up with you like this. I just feel so cozy and safe, like nothing can hurt me if you’re with me. I don’t want to get out of this bed, I just want to cuddle up next to you forever.


How do you tell a girl you want to cuddle?

Politely ask someone for what you want (someone who you’re somewhat sure would be open to hearing your request) and be clear about what it is that you’re looking to get out of your cuddle arrangement. You can text/phone/message them or ask them in person.


What compliments do girls like?

13 Compliments That Women Actually Want to Hear
1. “ I love the way you think.” .
2. “ You’re a great mom.” .
3. “ We’re proud of you.” .
4. “ Thank you.” .
5. “ I love your drive.” .
6. “ You’re so good at remembering.” .
7. “ Your best is enough.” .
8. “ You’re such a badass.”


How do you cuddle in a romantic way?

There’s no right or wrong way to cuddle, but these common cuddling positions can pave the way to an epic cuddling session.
The “spoon” Share on Pinterest. .
The “half spoon” Share on Pinterest. .
The butt “cheek-to-cheek” .
The “honeymoon hug” .
The “sweetheart cradle” .
The “leg hug” .
The “butt pillow” .
The “lap pillow”


Do girls like cuddling?

A new study in UK points out that many women do not like bedtime cuddles. It says that it is the men who are really fond of nighttime hugging, while one out of three women force themselves into doing it, to avoid annoying their partner. This breaks the popular stereotype of women wanting to be hugged in bed.


What does cuddling with a girl mean?

Cuddling is an excellent way to de-stress and create intimacy. Cuddling and caressing are essential for a long-term and healthy relationship. For girls, cuddling means reassurance from their boyfriend that they are safe and can let their guard down.


How do you send a flirty text?

Flirty good morning texts for him
Morning! .
You were in my dreams last night. .
My day is more fun when you’re in it.
You’re already thinking about me—I can feel it.
I can’t focus today. .
Can’t wait to feel your arms around me again.
My love language is physical touch. .
You’re my dream guy.


How do you say I want to cuddle?

In this case you could say, “I’d really love to cuddle with you sometime. If you like that idea, then let’s cuddle together and see how that feels to us. As far as anything beyond that goes, I might be open to more, but I’d only want to do what feels good to both of us.


Does cuddling lead to feelings?

04/7Cuddling releases feel-good hormones

This experience of smell and touch help to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which makes couples feel happy and enjoy each other’s company more.


How do you flatter a girl?

Compliments for women
Your mind is just as sexy as your beauty.
I miss your smile.
You’re an amazing friend.
I can’t believe I found someone like you.
I get excited every time I see you.
I love making you laugh.
You’re my best friend.
I’ll always have your back.


How do you tell a girl she’s attractive?

Say, “You’re beautiful,” or “You are exquisite.” Try picking out one particular quality to compliment her on: say, “You have the most gorgeous eyes,” or “Your smile is radiant.” Don’t be afraid to get creative and tap into your feelings, and make sure that you mean it.


How can I woo a girl with words?

How to Impress a Girl with Words
1 “Spending time with you is my favorite part of the day.”
2 “You look ravishing tonight.”
3 “My heart stopped when you walked in. .
4 “You’re beautiful inside and out.”
5 “You’re such an amazing catch.”
6 “You’ve got me hooked. .
7 “You’re insanely inspiring.”
8 “You always make me smile.


What does cuddling do to a guy?

“Cuddling, especially with someone you like, gives you a sense of closeness and relaxed intimacy that’s difficult to find in other activities. If you feel comfortable with the other person, it kind of just let’s you relax and not have to do much physically.


How do you initiate a kiss while cuddling?

First, give him a soft, passionate kiss on the lips. Just lean in to kiss his lips, hold your lips there for a second, and then pull away while locking eyes. French kiss him. Once you’re comfortable with soft, gentle kisses, you can start French kissing if you’re comfortable with that.







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