how to become a massage therapist in nc

To start, take your index finger and massage your gums just under your teeth. Apply a small amount of pressure and start massage in a circular motion. If you feel a little bit of tenderness and pressure, that is normal, but if you are experiencing pain, then stop right away and contact our office.

How do I get a massage license in NC?

North Carolina Board for Massage and Bodywork must receive a written request before they will send out the official application. There is a minimum requirement of 500 hours at a Board-Approved school, along with a passing score from the MBLEx.


How much does it cost to become a massage therapist in NC?

The total cost of the program is $9,000.00 which consists of an application fee ($75.00, textbooks and supplies ($300.00), and tuition ($8,625.00). Tuition is based on a per clock hour charge. This calculates to $17.25 per hour of instruction.


Can I massage without a license in NC?

(a) A person shall not practice or hold out himself or herself to others as a massage and bodywork therapist without first applying for and receiving from the Board a license to engage in that practice.


How do I become a qualified massage therapist?

To become a massage therapist youll usually need to complete a qualification lasting around six months, depending on how frequently you attend classes. Types of massage therapy certification include the ITEC (Level 3 RQF) Diploma in a range of different massage styles, which you can see above.


How long is massage school in NC?

To become a massage therapist in North Carolina, you must complete at least 500 hours at a board-approved massage therapy school. Different schools offer programs ranging from 6 to 12 months, depending on if you choose to go full-time or part-time.


Do you need a license to practice reflexology in North Carolina?

Reflexology is the use of pressure points, mostly on your feet and hands, that correspond to other organs and systems in your body. For instance, pressure on a point on your toes could help relieve sinus congestion. In North Carolina, theres no license required to offer reflexology, and thats raising some red flags.


How much does a massage cost?

The national average cost of a massage is $100 per session, but prices can range anywhere from $65 to $180. On an hourly basis, average massage prices range from $40 to $145 per hour.


What is MBLEx exam?

The FSMTB governs and administers the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx). It serves the massage therapy and regulatory communities as the national entry-level licensure examination. The MBLEx is currently utilized for licensure in 46 of 49 regulated jurisdictions.


How much does it cost to renew your massage license in NC?

License Renewal Application form. $175.00 fee. Copies of your continuing education certificates of completion. Letter stating whether or not you have been practicing massage and bodywork therapy in the State of North Carolina after your license expired.


Is draping required for massage in NC?

north carolina

Draping not required when client is fully clothed. Gluteal cleft, genital areas and female breast must always be draped.

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