how do warrior cats flirt

Who is the prettiest warrior cat?

Top 10 Prettiest and Most Beautiful Female Warrior Cats
Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats.
Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series “Warrior Cats” by Erin Hunter.


Who was the first cat to go to StarClan?

Stargazer was the first cat ever to walk in StarClan. When he died, he created the heaven for cats, and named it StarClan, after his daughter Star, and maybe himself, though I don’t think he’d be that greedy. Stargazer named the night sky after his mate Silver, thus is the name Silverpelt.


Are warrior cats childish?

Warrior cats is “childish” in the sense that they are middle grade novels targeted at kids.


Can StarClan cats have kits?

Can starclan cats have kits


Who is the most hated warrior cat?

My 10 Most Hated Warrior Cats; by Wolfpaw
8, Pinestar:
7, Rowanstar:
6, Spottedleaf:
5, (Alive) Silverstream:
4, Brokenstar: What do you do when you become leader


What is Ravenpaw’s warrior name?

Trivia. Did you know that if Cherith could have been able to make Ravenpaw a warrior, she would have named him Ravenwing


What is Whitecough in real life?

Whitecough is a mild chest infection that any Clan cat can catch. Whitecough is the beginning of Greencough if not treated quickly and carefully. Symptoms of this horrible disease include: Irregular breathing, Eyes and Nose mucus, Wheezing, Sluggishness, Phlegm streaming from Nose and Mouth, and Sometimes Vomiting.05-Jun-2020


Is Ravenpaw a boy or girl?

Ravenpaw is a male, previously a ThunderClan apprentice and loner.


How did Cloudtail die?

He is assigned to the hunting patrol with Longtail when the tabby warrior is scratched in the eyes by a rabbit, permanently blinding him. When a badger makes its way onto ThunderClan territory, one of Cloudtail’s Clanmates, Willowpelt, is trampled by it, resulting in her death.


Does Netflix have warrior cats?

Warrior Cats is an animated TV series based on the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. ”Warriors” cartoon coming to Netflix Best-selling feline book series Warriors by Erin Hunter has been picked up for an animated adaptation on Netflix. It is set to air sometime in 2019.25-Feb-2020


What age is Warrior Cats for?

The Warriors series is one of the best series in the history of Children’s Literature. This series is for emergent readers of 8 and up. If you are a parent and worry about the content you’re children are reading: I applaud you!


Are warrior cats realistic?

No. Although feral cat groups do exist, and it is based off of a real location in England, Warrior Cats is a fictional book series.


How many cats died in the last hope?

Not only does it include appearances by many cats from the earlier series and the Expanded Universe, but after Firestar’s death, all nine of the cats who gave him nine lives appear to take him to StarClan, with their gifts they gave repeated.


What Warrior Cat has the most kits?

Queens with the most kits
Snowbird & Scorchfur of ShadowClan: 9 -3 litters- she-kits: Berryheart, Cloverfoot, Beenose, Yarrowleaf, Bluebellkit, Gullkit, Frondkit.
Milkweed of ThunderClan: 8 -3 litters- w/ Splinter: (F)Clover, (F)Bramble, (M)Thistle.
Ferncloud & Dustpelt of ThunderClan: 7 -3 litters-


Who is the oldest warrior cat?

Mistystar is currently the oldest known living cat in the Warriors series, at roughly 16.6 years old. She has ThunderClan blood via Bluestar.


Is Feathertail a girl?

I’ll face it loyal to my Clan.” Feathertail is a slender, soft-furred, silver tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes, a plumy tail, and a broad face.


Who is the strongest warrior in Warrior Cats?

Tigerstar I
1. Tigerstar I, I think that even though his run in the series is over, he holds the top spot for “strongest” cat. Pretty much gone over how many times in the first arc that he’s a fierce, strong, warrior. 2.21-Mar-2020


Who is Bramblestar’s imposter warrior cats?

Bramblestar’s impostor was a former leader of ThunderClan in the lake territories. He was a spirit that possessed the body of the ThunderClan leader, Bramblestar, having been able to force out Bramblestar’s spirit when he lost a life during an unusual attempt to cure him from an illness.


Who does Cinderpelt love?

When Cinderpelt was full medicine cat, she and Firestar remained quite close. Cinderpelt later trained Firestar’s daughter Leafpool as a medicine cat. The Erins stated that Cinderpelt was always in love with Firestar but never told him and he never knew.


What are Deathberries in real life?

Deathberries are bright red berries that look tasty to bears and other animals who are unaware of the danger. They are known as yew berries by humans. Deathberries are very poisonous and the only known cure is to vomit or eat a special kind of moss that makes the the victim throw up the deathberries.


What is a dry paw warrior cats

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