how do venus in gemini flirt

If you have Venus in Gemini in your birth chart, when you go into “flirt mode” you tend to “act to attract” in some of the following ways: Sweet-talker. You have a way with words. You’re very good at flirting and teasing, and can charm or cajole anyone with that “silver tongue”.

What are Venus in Gemini attracted to?

The Venus in Gemini male is attracted to women who are intelligent and clever. He must connect with a woman on a mental level before physical desire takes place. The Venus in Gemini male truly enjoys the flirtation and mind games that take place during the courtship stage of a relationship.17-Nov-2017


How do you know if a Venus in Gemini likes you?

If your Venus is in Gemini, you’re talkative, curious and a bit of a social chameleon. You have one pinky toe in many circles, and find them depending on your mood. You keep a light hold on people and don’t like anything too formalized or planned out.10-Jan-2019


Can Venus Gemini be faithful?

Geminis Have Two Great Loves in Their Lives


How do you please Venus in Gemini?

When Venus is in Gemini, “routine situations can be quite dull and boring, as are dogmatic, predictable people and routines,” Hale says. For the next few weeks, don’t fight the urge to try new things and meet new people. Make fun, adventurous plans with friends or invite someone out for a spontaneous date.08-May-2021


How long will Venus be in Gemini?

Here’s What This Means For Your Zodiac Sign. Expect to receive clarity when it comes to love and romance. Romantic Venus will be in airy and communicative Gemini from May 8th to June 2nd. During this time, you can expect to come to major clarity in love, relationships, and how you interact with others.05-May-2021


Is Venus in Gemini bad?

Venus in Gemini men and women don’t want to be tied or bogged down in their relationships. They appreciate lightheartedness in love. Although they are willing to talk (perhaps endlessly) about the relationship, you may get the feeling that they gloss over some of the deeper issues.


Are Venus in Gemini players?

The Venus in Gemini sometimes is non-committal because they like to explore all the possible options before making a choice. This can come across as a player behavior because Venus in Gemini will flirt with many, have many lovers, and is easily distracted.


What Venus signs are compatible?

You want someone strong and committed, but also someone who can pay the bills and take care of you financially.
Best Venus matches: Capricorn, Virgo.
Worst Venus matches: Leo, Aquarius.
Best Venus matches: Libra, Aquarius.
Worst Venus matches: Virgo, Pisces.
Best Venus matches: Pisces, Scorpio.


Who is Venus in Gemini compatible with?

Compatibility With Other Signs


Is Venus in Gemini good?

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Basically, Venus in Gemini turns everyone into a social butterfly. Love: Gemini is the sign of communication and intellect, meaning you’ll be way more attracted to people for their mind and personality than physical attributes during this time.30-Jan-2020


Can Venus in Gemini commit?

Venus in Gemini can take years to fully commit to a relationship. The Venus in Gemini person will normally wait until later in life to comit and hopefully, when they do, they find someone who is able to keep them busy, and entertained. They want relationships that are dynamic and fun.


How do you make a Gemini jealous?

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous (And Why You Should Be Careful)
Flirt with people he’d consider a threat, in front of him.
Text other people a lot around him.
Say you’re going out with an ex-boyfriend friend tonight.
Put him in the background.


What does a Gemini moon need in a relationship?

His partner should be tolerant and flexible, have a lot of patience, and be fearless about new things. A relationship with a Moon in Gemini native will be one of the grandest that you could get. It’s going to take you through the peaks of pleasure, fascination, and it won’t ever become boring or tedious.20-Mar-2019


What house is Venus in Gemini?

While Venus is in Gemini, its lovely vibes are illuminating your chart’s 10th house, aka your zone of career and public image. This means you’re slaying on the job and your boss is eating it up.03-Apr-2020


What sign is Venus in 2020?

One such major celestial event is the transit of Venus in Aquarius, which is going to take place on the 9th of January, 2020. Venus which is also known as ‘Shukra’ in Hindi is often referred to as the Earth’s twin planet. This feminine planet is attributed to harmony, unison and love between people.06-Jan-2020


How long does Venus stay in a sign?

How often does Venus change in the Zodiac signs


Is Venus retrograde 2021?

Venus is the Planet of Love


What does a Gemini Mars mean?

Gemini is mutable, and that means quick changes and doing many things at once. Mars Gemini thrives in high-paced situations with a lot of coming and going. They are bored easily and can go mad in a routine that’s the same day in, day out. The pace of Mars in Gemini is head-spinningly fast.05-Feb-2019


Are Venus in Gemini good in bed?

Venus or Mars in Gemini: This sign is often turned on by talking and laughing in bed. They adore kissing, and oral pleasures are of great importance to Gemini lovers. Role-playing and extended foreplay are also things they greatly enjoy, as Geminis are usually all about having fun in bed.06-Aug-2020


What is Gemini love language?

Gemini. Gemini is a chatty sign in a particularly powerful way. Being extremely discerning and also forthcoming with your words will draw them in. “Unsurprisingly, words of affirmation is the love language of Gemini, for whom conversation is a form of foreplay,” says Kavanagh.04-Jun-2020


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