fire emblem fates how to get girls in the hot spring

What is the point of the hot spring in Fire Emblem fates?

User Info: MetaFalconPunch. Maxing it lets you recruit Izana, IIRC.27-Jun-2016


Can female Corrin and Rhajat have a child?

Female Corrin and Azura each have the ability to have two children. If female Corrin marries Rhajat, you will not be able to recruit Kana. If male Corrin marries Niles, you will not be able to recruit Kana or Nina.08-Mar-2020


Why did Garon kidnap Corrin?

To keep him alive. Corrin’s entire life was devoted to his studies and training. If he had been given freedom, he could’ve been killed or kidnapped.20-Jun-2017


Is fates better than awakening?

Fates isn’t bad but Awakening is much better. Due to multiple storylines, Fates felt way way too long. Awakening is one storyline without many choices but it’s great.19-Feb-2019


Can female Corrin marry Camilla?

User Info: AshkeAngel. Nope, Rhajat and Niles are the only same-sex options we get.08-Jul-2016


Can female Corrin marry Soleil?

For females, yes.04-Jul-2016


Is Anankos Corrin’s father?

In the main game, without the ancient texts, Corrin never learns his father is Anankos. As far as Corrin knows, he’s the son of the King of Valla. He continues to believe he’s the son of Sumeragi, unless he pairs with Hinoka/Sakura (or she pairs with Ryoma/Takumi).03-Jul-2016


Is three houses better than awakening?

User Info: nintendofrog. Three Houses is much better in all regards. I don’t resent Awakening like some older fans, but any promising changes it brought to the series have hit a point where they’re actually great with Three Houses.10-Jul-2020


Is Fe fates a sequel to awakening?

So yes, Fates is not in the same universe as Awakening. It has its own world for now as far as we are concerned.03-Jul-2016


How hard is Fire Emblem fates conquest?

It is significantly harder than Awakening or Birthright. As others have said, there’s no grinding and a lot more punishment when you mess up; resetting maps becomes incredibly frustrating after a while, but you do learn to think pretty far ahead (and pray to the RNG gods).23-Feb-2018


Is Camilla a dragon?

She is a princess of Nohr and the daughter of Garon. She adores her adopted younger sibling, Corrin. Like all other Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty, she possesses the power of Dragon Vein, being able to alter the terrain around oneself. Camilla is Corrin’s eldest adoptive sister.09-May-2021


Does Camilla become queen of Nohr?

Camilla was always one of the most compassionate and magnanimous people in Nohr. With her as queen, now everyone in the kingdom can feel her love! She’s got strength and heart, and now she’s the symbol of a reborn Nohr. With her in charge, there’s a bright future in store for the kingdom!


Who can marry who three houses?

Fire Emblem Three Houses romance options for male Byleth
Edelgard (only if you join Black Eagles, female, female)
Jeritza (only if you join Black Eagles, male) *
Linhardt (Black Eagles, male) *
Bernadetta (Black Eagles, female)
Dorothea (Black Eagles, female)
Petra (Black Eagles, female)
Mercedes (Blue Lions, female)
More items•26-Jul-2019


Who can female Corrin marry?

Corrin can achieve support rank S with any character of the opposite gender. Additionally, male Corrin can marry Niles, and female Corrin can marry Rhajat.08-Mar-2020


Does Elise have a child?

Elise also starred in the CBS crime drama series, Close to Home (2005–07), and in 2013 began starring in the VH1 comedy-drama series, Hit the Floor.


When should I promote Elise Fe fates?

User Info: megasean3000. Always promote at level 20. If you promote early, you’ll get only a few stat boosts, but if you promote at level 20, that gives you 10 levels worth of stat boosts on top of the stat boosts you would get if you promote earlier.27-Sep-2020


Who is Marth’s sister?

Elice is the daughter of Cornelius and Liza and the older sister of Marth.


Is Corrin a girl or boy?

Corrin as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Corrin), is a variant of Corin (Latin), Corinna (Greek) and Corinne (French, Greek), and the meaning of Corrin is “spear” or “maiden”.


Is Corrin canonically male or female?

User Info: HeroGod. Corrin is female for Conquest and male for Birthright.09-Jul-2018




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