ck2 how do i seduce my wife

You cannot seduce your spouse or concubines this way: instead, they can become lovers through random events requiring the Family or Seduction focus, respectively.

How do you use seduction in ck3?

You can use it to invite people to your court provided they are not landed/employed by their liege/married to a landed character. If you want a claim, this can be an alternative to the befriend scheme if you can become that person’s lover. Get traits into your dynasty that you otherwise can’t through your marriage.26-Nov-2020


How do I arrange my marriage in Crusader Kings 2?

Arranging marriages


Is Ck2 easy?

coming from Eu4 I found Ck2 pretty easy to learn (and in general not that difficult either compared to some runs in Eu4) but learning Eu4 took a while^^. For both games I really recommend reading the wiki.27-Jun-2019


Will Crusader Kings 3 Be Free?

For the next four days, Crusader Kings 3 can be played for no charge.17-Mar-2021


How do I arrange my marriage in Crusader Kings 3?

Right-click on the portrait of the character that you wish to find a partner for, and you will see two options, “Find Spouse” and “Arrange Marriage”.01-Sep-2020


What traits prevent marriage ck2?

Other possible traits that prevent marriage include Celibate, Silent Sister, Monk, Septa/Septon, and Refusing Marriage, but all of these are of course visible normally.05-Dec-2018


Is CK2 hard?

It’s not that terribly hard to learn. You can grasp the basics in a day, though you’ll keep learning about new stuff you knew nothing about for a long time afterwards. Just play the learning scenario the game will offer you when you first start it up and keep reading all the tooltips and you’ll be fine.04-Dec-2016


Will CK3 be better than CK2?

CK3 base is better than CK2 base, but CK2 all DLC is currently significantly better than CK3, as it should be considering how much time and effort went into that.06-Sep-2020


What is a retinue CK2?

Retinues are regiments of troops which form a standing army for each ruler. They require the. Legacy of Rome DLC. Unlike levies, retinues do not need to be dismissed before declaring war. Non-tribals must pay a fee to hire retinues.


Is Crusader Kings 3 better than 2?

Crusader Kings 3


Is Crusader Kings 3 hard?

Crusader Kings 3 isn’t as difficult to learn as it looks, and it’s endlessly rewarding once you start playing. The third thing to know is that you definitely don’t have to know everything to have a good time.09-Sep-2020


Is Crusader Kings 2 good without DLC?

I can’t say I’d specifically recommend playing CK2 without any DLC. If you can only afford a couple of expansions, it’s well worth the investment – especially in cases like Way of Life or Conclave.09-Jul-2020


How do I get land in my marriage CK3?

How can I get land through marriage and intrigue


How do you have kids in Crusader Kings 3?

How to Have Perfect Children in Crusader Kings 3
Understand marriage compatibility!
Kick-start your dynasty with the right traits!
Use Knights and Councilors to bring in new traits!
Keep the religious factor in mind!
Always know your characters’ whereabouts!
Hire a Guardian.


How do you beat Crusader Kings?

Make sure your spouse loves you. Lavish him or her with gifts and other favours that will entice them to your side.
There’s no real harm in Family focus for a longer period while you wait for heirs.
Don’t be afraid to annul marriages that are barren.


How old can you have kids ck2?

Anyone above the age of 16 can get married. Anyone below 16 can get betrothed. There is no max age at which one can get married, but women become completely infertile at 45. Marriage brings several benefits, the most obvious of which is child birth.


How does fertility work in ck2?

Pregnancy. Have a Son/Daughter increases fertility by +25%. Two months after conception, the player will be notified and the wife will gain the Pregnant trait and approximately seven months later, a child will be born.


How do I choose a wife in Crusader Kings 2?

Choose a spouse with high fertility: hedonist , lustful , strong , or high diplomacy/stewardship education. You can also use Ruler Designer to give your first ruler these traits and/or extra base fertility. Seduction focus lets you have about as many children as you could want.


Is CK3 going to have DLC?

Regardless, CK3 DLC will be a thing, and if it’s a thing, it must have a guide. In fact the first DLC pack – Northern Lords – only release relatively recently. It’s one of three packs we’re expecting in the initial expansion pass (two minor, one major), but we don’t have a timetable for the rest of it right now.24-May-2021


Can you play as a count in CK3?

Sure you can play as a Count, a Duke, a King or even an Emperor if you’re great enough!10-Aug-2020


Where do I start CK3

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