bulma is determined to seduce vegeta

Why was Bulma attracted to Vegeta?

Originally Answered: Why did Bulma fall in love with Vegeta


Is Bulma in love with Vegeta?

Vegeta is later allowed to return to fight Majin Buu and he learns Bulma has been killed and Trunks has been absorbed by Majin Buu. After Majin Buu is defeated, Bulma is so happy at Vegeta’s accomplishment in saving the universe that she confesses her love for him and welcomes him back when he returns.


Why did Vegeta sleep with Bulma?

According to Trunks, Bulma, after Yamcha had cheated on her enough times, just left him for good, and ended up settling with Vegeta because she saw him “sitting all alone”. In-universe – Vegeta was attracted to Bulma’s strong willed nature(as explained in Super episode 31) and Bulma has always had a thing for bad boys.23-Jun-2018


How did Vegeta fall in love with Bulma?

5 Vegeta Truly Loves Bulma


Is Bulma in love with Goku?

She was never “in love” with Goku. There relationship was much more akin to an older sister and younger brother, but since they weren’t actually related, it was okay for Bulma to think of Goku as attractive.18-Oct-2016


Who is Vegeta’s wife?

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Why did Vegeta marry Bulma?

Toriyama mentions one more thing in the dictionary though: Bulma admires Vegeta for his ambition and determination to become stronger and stronger, and this is why she falls in love with him between the Frieza and Cell saga, one year after Frieza was defeated by Future Trunks.


Did Bulma crush on Gohan?

Future Bulma’s personality is basically the same as in the original series, but she seems to have strong feelings for Gohan and they were able to find comfort, trust, closeness, chemistry, and respect when they were with each other as two consenting adults (Kaiserneko then reveals that she had a son with him in an


Does Vegeta love Gohan?

Does Vegeta like Gohan


Why did Bulma leave yamcha for Vegeta?

It has been commonly accepted that she broke up with Yamcha after learning he had been unfaithful again and she turned to Vegeta for comfort and passion. Toriyama explained that Vegeta and Bulma got together because Vegeta’s pride was wounded over his desire to defeat Goku and he sought help from Bulma to comfort him.


Do Goku and ChiChi get divorced?

re: Was ChiChi tempted to divorce Goku


Is Vegeta older than Goku?

Going off the anime, Vegeta is slightly older than Goku. However, due to Vegeta’s overexposure to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber + Goku’s lack of a physical body for the seven years he remained dead after the Cell saga, Vegeta is actually a lot older than Goku in terms of physical age.


Does Vegeta ever show affection?

Not initially, but now Vegeta has started loving Bulma unconditionally. He might not show his love for Bulma as Gohan does for Videl but, he truly loves her. He even stayed with Bulma during her time of Pregnancy. Since the start of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta really loves Bulma.


Is Vegeta jealous of yamcha?

re: Is Vegeta jealous of Yamcha


How much older is Vegeta than Bulma?

It can be hard to tell what age Saiyans are since they stay in their prime for so long, but believe it or not, when Vegeta first showed up, he was only a year older than Bulma. She was 29, while Vegeta was 30.28-Dec-2017


What if Goku never hit his head?

When he hit his head, Goku had forgotten his saiyan mission and became the pure-hearted character we know today. However, if he had never hit his head, he wouldn’t have forgotten his mission, which would lead to the destruction of Earth. Goku would also not be known as Goku, but as his Saiyan name “Kakarot”.


Who has a crush on Goku?

Chi-Chi is the love interest and later wife of Son Goku of the Dragon Ball franchise.


Is Vegeta still evil?

Vegeta was completely evil up until the very end of the Buu Saga. Piccolo, despite being King Piccolo’s son and technical reincarnation, never really did anything evil besides kidnap Gohan, but he had his reasons for doing that.30-Jun-2015


Is Vegeta Goku’s brother?

They aren’t brothers. Vegeta was the prince of the Saiyan planet before it was destroyed by Frieza. Goku is the son of a Saiyan warrior Bardock who died along with their planet. Goku had an elder biological brother, Raditz.


What is Vegeta’s last name?

Vegeta’s last name is never revealed. He likely does not have a last name. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he is referred to as “Vegeta the Fourth”, meaning “Vegeta” is presumably his full name. In fact, most characters in the Dragon Ball universe don’t have a last name.


Does Vegeta actually like Goku

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