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Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why is structured as a melancholy murder mystery, examing the forces drove high schooler Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) to take her own life. … Hannah’s outlook plummets after being attacked by Bryce Walker. On tape number 12, Hannah reveals that Bryce raped her in a hot tub during a party.26-Aug-2019

Why did Alex kill Bryce Walker?

The season finale provided a three-part answer to the central question of who killed Bryce when it was revealed that Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) beat Bryce and left him for dead on a boating dock, but that it was Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) who threw him into the water, where he ultimately drowned, after Bryce 28-Aug-2019


Was Justin Foley sexually assaulted?

While he had also made some terrible choices (namely, while Bryce’s best friend), in many ways Justin had been a victim himself. He experienced sexual abuse at a young age and did not have the support of a loving family until he moved in with the Jensens.09-Jun-2020


Does Tony have a crush on clay?

Tony has a crush on Clay and we’re 100% here for #Clony. It would explain a lot, mainly why he decides to spend SO MUCH TIME looking after Clay. Sure, he needed looking after, that’s in no doubt.04-Jun-2018


What episode does Tyler get assaulted by Monty?

Episode 13 of the Netflix drama saw Tyler Down (played by Devin Druid) getting raped by jock Monty de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos) with devastating repercussions.15-Mar-2020


Who killed Monty in 13 Reasons Why?

1/22Netflix: 13 Reasons Why (2020) – In pictures


Who really killed Bryce Walker?

Short answer: Alex (Miles Heizer), in a steroid-induced rage, pushed Bryce into the water where he drowned. Jessica watched the whole thing happen. The brief answer: Bryce was waiting on the pier after the homecoming game to talk to Jessica, allegedly to give her something he couldn’t when he saw her before the game.23-Aug-2019


Does everyone know that Alex killed Bryce?

At the end of the season, Alex tries to get Winston to stop snooping around by confessing that he was ultimately the one who killed Bryce.11-Jun-2020


Did Zach Dempsey kill Bryce Walker?

Bryce Walker’s road to redemption ends with his death.


Why did Justin Foley have to die?

It turns out that Justin, who is a recovering heroin addict, dies after contracting HIV, which develops into AIDS. One scene sees doctors attribute Justin’s contraction to his use of a syringe as well as his time as a sex worker while living on the streets, which left fans deeply unimpressed.12-Jun-2020


Did Hannah Love Bryce?

During Bryce’s testimony, he lied and told the court that Hannah had a crush on him and they used to have sex from time to time. It’s later revealed that Bryce was the one with the crush, but that Hannah just wanted to be friends.


Why did Tony say Clay killed Hannah?

Clay wasn’t really at fault anywhere. He was guilty because he couldn’t do anything to save her inspite of being so close to her. But he was on the tape so Hannah could say him what she couldn’t say in person.


Is Tony from 13 reasons why straight?

Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla


Who Framed Monty?

13 Reasons Why’s ending revealed that Monty has been blamed for Bryce’s death. We say blamed as it turns out the teens we’ve grown to know and love have framed Monty after Zach injured Bryce in a fight breaking his arm and leg so when Alex pushed him into the river he was unable to save himself and drowned.


Did Monty have a crush on Bryce?

It is also revealed that he saw Bryce rape Hannah, but did nothing, though he was far enough away to not see much, so he may have assumed the sex was consensual. After Bryce’s death, Monty mourns over him and has a hard time admitting to people that he loved him.


Does Tyler tell anyone what Monty did to him?

Tyler shares his trauma with Jessica Davis, another rape survivor, he shows her a video he made before he planned to go through with the shooting, in which he confesses what Monty did to him and says goodbye to his parents, whom the video was meant for.


Is Monty de la Cruz still alive?

Montgomery de la Cruz (Timothy Granderos) was killed at the end of season 3. He is now the fourth Liberty High student to die on the series after Hannah (Katherine Langford), Jeff (Brandon Larracuente), and Bryce (Justin Prentice).05-Jun-2020


What happened to Monty in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why?

Season 3 of Netflix’s controversial teen drama revealed that the homophobic, almost-sociopathic jock was actually closeted himself. 13 Reasons Why went one step further with Monty’s shocking season 3 arc, revealing in the finale that he was killed in prison hours before the murder was even pinned on him.26-Aug-2019


Why does Monty go to jail?

But Monty, who is in prison for sexually assaulting Tyler, also gets killed in episode 10.09-Jun-2020


Did Deputy Standall know that Alex killed Bryce?

Wracked with guilt over all that Hannah revealed in her tapes in season one, Alex attempted suicide. Going into season four, Alex’s father, Deputy Standall, is aware of his son’s role in Bryce’s murder, as well as his drug use.26-Aug-2019




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